Democrats and Their Allies, Foreign and Domestic, Declared War Against America on Nov 3, 2020 Part Two

Democrats and Their Allies, Foreign and Domestic, Declared War Against America on Nov 3, 2020 Part Two

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I believe the media, including the lesser of the evils (yes, even them) are – how can I say this? – giving Americans a false narrative, in order to downplay the situation we are in right now, and also to placate and subdue us- maybe to make sure we lose and our enemies win.

Vipers everywhere!

What they are not telling us: This is a coup, and as such, a Declaration of War. Their blatant and unapologetic initiation of aggression upon the American people, our President, and our Constitutional Republic was an act of war, and they are pushing forward, and under no circumstances besides military might will they retreat.

They are 100% aligned with the CCP. This is really happening.

We are at war, and we are in the RIGHT. How do I know this? Because my understanding of Natural Law, the Golden Rule and Basic Human Decency by any name you want to call it tells me that: The ones being violated, aggressed upon, and attacked at full force by criminal aggressors are not guilty of violating anyone’s rights.

They are trying to steal our right to VOTE. Without our right to vote, we do not have a Republic or country, just a horrible Communist banana republic.

What do we do when our own homes are invaded by enemies who want to HARM US?

Anyone who suggests we should let these domestic and foreign enemies that are aggressing upon us WIN, is the aggressor, the attacker, the criminal, the enemy. No good person wants the aggressor in the story to defeat and destroy their victims.

We are being played. They are using extremely honed methods of psychological warfare, gaslighting, projection, suggestion, covid 19 programming and really, GOD knows what, to distract us – Their PREY – from knowing and therefore being able to act upon, the Truth.

And the Truth is, the Democrats and their allies, domestic and foreign, declared war against us on Election Day. This is a coup and they have no less intention of stopping than Hitler had of retreating from Poland.


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