Unelected Democrats: “Let the Communism Begin!”

Unelected Democrats: “Let the Communism Begin!”

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  • Biden, media thumb their noses at 70 million Trump voters, declare themselves victors before all legal votes are counted
  • AOC leads call for retribution against Trump supporters
  • What’s next? FEMA Camps?

In the face of unprecedented reports of irregularities in at least five swing states that were still counting ballots, and with mounting court challenges filed, Joe Biden took to a stage and declared himself the 46th president of the United States shortly before noon on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020.

The Fox News Network took the privilege of being the first network to call the race for Biden, almost as if on cue so as to give a Biden win more credibility in the eyes of conservatives [sorry but we ain’t that dumbFox News].

While many conservatives did believe that Fox was a legit conservative network, their eyes have now been opened. It’s now obvious Fox is comfortable playing the role of controlled opposition. They play the part of the “conservative patriotic network,” making a certain demographic think they actually have a seat at the table in a democratic process, while all along scheming with the other side to arrive at the left’s desired outcome.

As Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch said in a tweet Saturday, the media doesn’t decide elections, due process does.

But in today’s modern media-driven society, reality is often created out of thin air by elitist thought leaders who develop a certain narrative. Even if that narrative is false, it gives the perseption of being true. If Fox News, CNN and NBC all agree, it must be true, right?

Let’s be frank. Fox committed an unforgivable sin. It allowed itself to be used to create a false narrative that Biden was the victor in an election that has yet to be settled because of so many irregularities still waiting to be ruled upon in the courts. This network can never be trusted again.

That narrative Fox and the other networks are running with includes an orchestrated effort to downplay all of those irregularities that occurred on Election Day and in the days that followed. They will simply sweep it all under the rug with blanket comments like “but there’s no evidence of widespread fraud in this election.”

No evidence? For starters, in a legal case the lawyers don’t present all of their evidence up front. They only provide a small amount, enough to show probable cause that a crime has been committed. Then the two sides go into the discovery phase, subpoenas are issued, sworn statements are taken, and eventually people are placed on a witness stand and cross examined at trial. Until all of that has happened, it is extremely irresponsible for any media person to dismiss what has happened with broad-based generalities like “where’s the proof? I don’t see the proof.”

The most glaring pieces of evidence that show probable cause appear to be three fold.

  1. Republican poll watchers were not allowed to inspect ballots in at least three battleground states.
  2. A US Postal Service employee has testified in a sworn affidavit that he and others were instructed by supervisors to back-date late arriving mail-in ballots in Michigan.
  3. A software “glitch” transferred 6,000 Trump votes to Biden votes in one Michigan county, and that same software program was used in every single one of the seven battleground states. This alone warrants a forensic audit of every ballot cast in those states.

Communists within Democrat Party are positioning for power

Even before Biden launched his self-proclaimed presidency on Nov. 7, the Marxist mouthpieces in the Democrat Party started calling for retribution against Trump supporters.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the self-described Democratic Socialist congresswoman from New York, put out a dog whistle on Twitter calling for a list to be kept of those who deserved to be banned from having jobs.

 “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.”

As Breitbart reports, Michael Simon, who describes himself as a former staff member in Barack Obama’s administration, replied in the affirmative, linking to what he called the “Trump Accountability Project.

So, what comes next, show trials and people disappearing into camps or melting away unaccounted for in the prison systems?

Nothing is out of the question when people this hardcore leftist are given the reins of power. Nothing.

Remember, Robert Reich, the former Labor Secretary under President Obama, called for the creation of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission – the Democrats’ version of the Thought Police – which would decide for America’s 335 million citizens what is acceptable speech and what is not. Goodbye First Amendment.

Biden has said he will knock down the 400 miles of border wall that Trump has built, open the borders and make the entire country a sanctuary nation for illegal alien criminals, while at the same time confiscating weapons from law-abiding Americans.

Kamala Harris, his vice presidential running mate, stated during the campaign that if elected she would advocate banning certain weapons by executive order.

Fox News’ disgusting sellout of conservatives is only the beginning of the purges that are coming if Biden-Harris actually get inaugurated on Jan. 20. Sadly, you will see many Republicans run from Donald Trump and the America-first policies that proved so popular with the American people. The positions Trump took proved to be not only good policies for Americans but good politics. People, even millions of Democrats and people of color, liked them. Why? Because those policies actually improved their lives, rather than take control over them and treat them like children as the Democrats have always done.

It was only the activist-Marxist-bloodthirsty Democrats who hated Trump and convinced the uninformed Democrats that he was a racist and a bad person who needed to go.

Our job is to stand strong and try to educate as many of the low-information voters as possible. And also share the love of God with them. Let the world know that we are the decent ones, the peaceful ones. And peaceful protests have often prevailed. Look at how the Polish people prevailed over their communist captors in the 1980s. They believed in their God and in their right to live as free people and they didn’t back down in the face of unbelievable threats to their peace and security.

Communists are vicious people. But they cannot ultimately prevail against us because we have truth, and The Truth, on our side.

We must never cower to the intimidation of these brazen communists. We are Americans. We are 70 million strong. If ever there was a time to unite in our love of America, God and our Constitution, it is now.

The future is up in the air. Several scenarios are possible if Biden-Harris are allowed to assume power. I’m eager to hear your thoughts in the comments section, dear readers. And any leftist trolls will be blocked, so don’t waste your time leaving a comment.


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