The State of Affairs

The State of Affairs

Pandemic, the economy, immigration, health care, unemployment, inflation, political infighting, civil unrest; it all seems so overwhelming, and it is by design. We all see the world through our own personal lens; first ourselves and our body, then family and friends, neighborhood, city or town, region, or state, and finally our nation and the world in general. Rarely would we equate something happening in South-East Asia with what is happening at our local grocery store, but the world is smaller and closer related than we have been led to believe. If someone were to say that there has been an active coup d’état playing out before our eyes you may believe they were referencing the 2020 Presidential election in the United States, or possibly even the military action taking place because of the 2020 election in Myanmar, but this compartmentalizing and the many divisions we have accepted throughout our lives is what is preventing us from seeing the bigger picture.

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There is a war going on all around us, some would call it a revolution, but the strangest part of this conflict is that 2/3 of the combatants involved do not even realize there is war, not to mention that they are the intended victims. For the purposes of this article naming the individual participants is not even necessary, but how to identify them could be detrimental to every man woman and child on earth. The globalist movement and powers behind it, have for whatever reason made a desperate ploy to silence any resistance and exercise absolute power over individual States and populations. They ensure that their opposition is taxed more if they are working or own a business, criminally prosecuted for any and all possible infractions of laws or edicts, socially “cancelled” for anything that they may say or do when not advancing the globalist narrative, medically compromised, financially destitute and reliant on the government whenever possible, and all the while they are forced to wear a mask in an effort to dehumanize them. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Castro were not as diabolical and inherently evil as our current adversaries. The propaganda media will quickly label this as a “conspiracy theory” because they are an immensely powerful arm of the globalists. They released SARS2 (or COVID-19) as a biological warfare effort to control populations throughout the world and most importantly to have an excuse to break sovereign laws in order to remove some from power and install their cronies.

Our parents, grandparents, and their parents before them were participants in this war, but they never knew it. These globalist powers have been behind the scenes robbing the wealth of every nation on earth for 150 years. They were the powers behind substituting paper currencies for precious metals throughout the world. They altered the perceptions of entire generations of people in order for them to collect true wealth while average people worked, toiled, and risked their lives in a quest for their paper substitutes. They succeeded. Not one nation on earth today has enough of any true wealth instrument to back their own currency and support their own economy. In truth, the world is bankrupt.

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The globalists insatiable greed still has not been satisfied. Over the generations their thirst for wealth has evolved into a need of power. They want and insist on complete control. Control of Nation States, of large and small governments, of private industry, employers, employees, families, and individuals. Yes, even after bankrupting every nation on earth they cannot get enough, but this is where they exposed themselves and left their vulnerable underbelly open for attack where it would be most lethal.

Obviously, the globalist “powers that be” have been the financiers and wealthiest families on earth, after all, they have collected all the world’s wealth instruments for over a century. Whether it be the Rockefeller’s or Rothschilds, Payseur’s, Bezos, Buffett, Gates, Musk, Zucker, or any of the others, their powers are legion, and their movement must be stopped. To focus on an individual is a mistake, and as advanced and powerful their movement has become, we cannot afford even one more mistake without risking the financial and political enslavement of future generations.

 The globalists own the financial markets that we know today. While there were markets long before they assumed their limitless powers, they have transformed what used to be free and fair markets into casinos and vehicles to transfer wealth to themselves and each other. They bankrupted banks, governments, and whole economies using fractional derivatives to secure lending, which with nothing to secure it, would fold like a house of cards. The old saying about gambling has a lot of truth to it, “The House always wins.” Still, they leveraged the true wealth that they collected for decades to appeal to the greed and aspirations of future generations, and through their trading houses they created opportunities for investing in “commodities” like gold and silver. They created the illusion that these precious metals could be traded for their central bank’s fiat currencies, and even created electronically traded funds for people to “invest” in. Until very recently everything was going according to plan.

The creation of the Federal Reserve as well as many other Central Banks throughout the world can be attributed to the political bribes and other efforts carried out in the late 19th century. In the United States the coinage act of 1873 demonetized silver, cut our national economy in half, created several depressions, and paved the way for the 16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution, forever corrupting politics in the United States, and literally guaranteeing “a seat at the table of power” for the globalists.

In late 2020 to early 2021 several social network sites developed threads, conversations, and chat groups centered around the various corruptions in government, health care, the economy, and our financial systems. Many recognized the need to acquire physical possession of silver and gold. Throughout history there have been many individuals holding small amounts of these precious metals as a hedge for their own families, but there had not been substantial coordination of the need to do so previously. Big tech brought about the ability to communicate in real time with millions of people all over the world and groups like Reddit’s r/WallStreetBets and r/WallStreetSilver came into being. The former concentrated on the manipulations of privately held stocks and employed the Hedge Fund manager’s techniques of squeezing stocks to force their values higher due to TPTB’s shorting the stocks in obscene amounts. On a single stock, (GME) this group forced Robinhood (a securities firm) to lose over $7 billion in less than a 6-week period and drove the stock value from $4 to over $480. The attention that this created forced Congress to act by interviewing the conflicting parties. Nothing is expected to be done.

Concurrently the people at r/WallStreetSilver were discovering that major financial institutions like JP Morgan and Citibank were changing the prospectuses of their fractional derivatives in silver (SLV and SILV) to reflect the fact that they may not have or be able to obtain the physical silver that their organizations had implied were on hand and available for delivery. The mere fact that this was allowed to happen illustrates that the governing body (SEC) is complicit in the acts by TPTB to enact this manipulation and shift of wealth. A movement began to transfer investment shares from the above to PSLV which is a closed fund that requires the custodial holdings for each share sold. They learned how to circumvent the Banks ability to “borrow” their shares to enact short sales by tying up their shares with open orders, usually sell orders with extremely high sell prices, and they started to buy up physical silver from mints, refineries, and coin shops throughout the world. It has been reported that the Perth Mint in Australia as well as the United States Mint in addition to others have been completely sold out of silver bullion. Admittedly this is an oversimplification of the financial movements that are underway at this time, but the schism between the citizens of the world and the traditional powers of finance and governments cannot be over-estimated. People all over the world are waking up.

While the Reddit group r/WallStreetBets has garnered the most media and regulatory attention and grown to over 9 million members in less than 3 months, their best efforts will be detrimental to a few trading houses, and transfer life altering assets to those who were involved from the beginning. The group r/WallStreetSilver spin off is far smaller up until now but has the potential to change the world and disembowel the belly of the beast globalist financier. They have active participants on every continent, (save Antarctica) effectively and efficiently communicate their goals and retain one another’s anonymity for fear of reprisal.  They have monitored the in-flow and out-flow of silver bullion from the COMEX and LBMA, done the math, and calculated that the world’s bullion houses have been deceiving governments and investors for an exceptionally long time. They have found that a relatively small number of people can leverage huge influence in this market, and should either bullion exchange default it would most assuredly crash the world’s fiat currencies. This would be unprecedented in history; while every fiat currency throughout the history of mankind has failed, never has every currency on earth, backed by a “world reserve” fiat currency, failed simultaneously. These young people from Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Russia, Netherlands, England, Ireland, Bulgaria, Russia, Israel, America, Mexico, Peru, India, and virtually every other corner on earth, have discovered how to overpower and displace the globalists by legally purchasing the wealth instruments confiscated from their ancestors, with the fiat currencies issued by the very forces that stole the wealth in the first place.

By implementing exclusively wealth-based assets as the currency of trade it naturally lessens the opportunity for corruption. Politicians will be forced to be accountable to those that they are sworn to represent instead of the special interests which can create any amount of fiat “money” to buy influence. There will be no incentive for nations to engage in wars because those wars would only serve to deplete, not increase a nation’s economy. Biological warfare against a civilian population would then be rightly prosecuted as a war crime against humanity. Markets and industry would create new opportunities and jobs for those that make the efforts to improve their financial prospects and work for their share in the world’s true economy.

We live in interesting times and many scary outcomes are possible, but what could be scarier than every nation on earth being bankrupt, with fat-cat globalist oligarchs controlling the most powerful military’s and governments literally deciding who lives or dies based on their personal whims and temperaments? I wish these people and their movement to topple the corrupt globalists well, and so I’m off to buy some silver for myself and family. What will you do?

About the Author, Serenabit:

I am a bit of a history nerd, and I enjoy collecting historical books, documents, artifacts, coins, and you guessed it precious metals. One of my possessions is an original $7 bill printed as authorized by the Second Continental Congress on May 10th, 1775, the motto on that bill is “Serenabit.” I became infatuated with a lot of the history surrounding this artifact and years ago I adopted that motto as my penname. Of course, the beauty to the reader is that if they don’t like what I have written they can always say “It’s not worth a Continental.”


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