The Great Reset, and the Plague Used to Make Humanity Submit to It

The Great Reset, and the Plague Used to Make Humanity Submit to It

In 1992, George Hunt knew the truth about the blue blooded social engineers and their plan to dominate the world. He tried to wake people up until his death in 2013. People need to know what is really happening. If you’re not aware of how the central bankers and their corporatist cronies have been operating for many decades, watch this video before you continue below.

The cold, hard truth is that central bankers(CBs) have their slithery fingers all over the Great Reset 2020. Yes, we are Post -Great Reset because the Great Reset has been disguised and sold to the world as a “pandemic.” Follow the money. THIS IS THEIR HAND. Even the plan for this weaponized “plague” is THEIR plan. Watch Event 201.

Their previous plan detailed by George Hunt, to scare everyone into a “Great Reset” or whatever slick name they use for a one world government, failed because they couldn’t scare people enough about global warming to get them to surrender their freedom and rights. They needed an emergency plan to

Faced with a Global Climate Emergency, 'My generation will not give up without a fight' - Greta ...

But the social engineers have always told us exactly what they have planned for us (predictive programming has been used for over a century). HG Wells took the torch from Julian Huxley in this regard, but that is a whole other rabbit hole to go down. It’s all a GAME for them, and they have patience and complete dedication to this long game. And they are extremely proud of themselves for pulling the wool over our eyes so easily -in order to steal our world right out from under us while they distract us with toys and gadgets that reward us for our submission.

“Collectivisation means the handling of the common affairs of mankind by a common control responsible to the whole community. It means the suppression of go-as-you-please in social and economic affairs just as much as in international affairs. It means the frank abolition of profit-seeking and of every device by which human beings contrive to be parasitic on their fellow man. It is the practical realisation of the brotherhood of man through a common control”. HG Wells

Huxley was right. The social engineers have succeeded in making many if not most people love their servitude. This is worth listening to, to understand the toxic mentality of the elitists.

Follow the money that’s connected to the election fraud too; Scytl, Dominion, Smartmatic, etc etc are tied to their money (even Nashville has a paper trail). It all leads back to the top bosses, central bankers, blue bloods and royals; those who sit at the top of the economic Ponzi scheme that they both created and control.

Even more alarmingly, they are HEAVILY backing all the bio-toxin-shots to “stop” the plague that they’ve been using since day one as a tool to steal our liberty, elections, joy and LIFE. They knew we wouldn’t just go along with the Great Reset without a real crisis (false flag!), in which the destruction of all businesses that are not controlled by them is tantamount to their end game. So they disguised it and used fear and guilt tactics (psychological warfare) to make us submit, and get us all onboard. They failed at this as well. Our Great Awakening is their biggest nightmare.

Our children’s future means NOTHING to them. They are viewed as “cannon fodder” just like we are. They want them as their slaves, if they survive the depopulation operation at all. They hate our children, haven’t you noticed yet? They steal them from our homes and communities and use their fear laced blood as an anti-aging supplement. And they feel no guilt or shame doing this.

Genocide is just collateral damage from their perspective; the means to an end; THEY’RE END.

So why are central bankers financing and engineering both the plandemic (Rockefeller’s Global Lockstep) and a toxin that alters DNA? Go see for yourself; they don’t hide their financial records. Not all of them anyway. It is almost like they WANT us to know they’ve bought out most of the world’s assets, and are coming for us. They brag about the conspiracy everyone thinks is just a tin foil hat theory. In their view, they are the superior race, and have the natural right to treat us like farm animals, simply because they can.

The Great Reset is a truly diabolical attack on humanity, maybe the worst attack ever carried out against humanity, at least in recorded history. And it has already happened! In 2020! We are POST Great Reset now. They did it. This is IT.

Only a Revolution can save us now, or perhaps only Divine Intervention can change our trajectory. The damage is so catastrophic and complete, and they have more power in our world than ever. And, unfortunately, they will amp it up, not back down, when President Trump is inaugurated, and I believe he will be.

One thing we all need to understand is that if the CBs succeed in this election coup, we are done for. If they win or more likely steal the Senate tomorrow, this country is over; if they’re not stopped, liberty and freedom are over for Americans. There will never be another real election again, Without fair elections; we are not free, we are a Banana Republic. Our children and grandchildren will become the literal slaves of evil overlords and kings, like our ancestors were before but 100 times worse.

Technology will control our every breath, thought, word and action in the “new normal” of this Great Reset. Think China on steroids. China was their test tube for the Technocracy they want to implement globally. China will also be the distributor of this new medical tyranny, but the CBs are the real kings giving the orders.

China gets America in this deal, to populate and farm. And who has control of the Bank of China? Is it the CCP or others? Even the deal China worked to invest over 400 million into American elections was through the central bankers. You can’t make this shite up.

This is WAR – and not a civil war between conflicting political parties, nor a race war (though that was their handiwork as well, via CB henchman Soros).

Their Great Reset/CV-lockdowns/shots/election coup are acts of WAR and WAR CRIMES as well – because they are not defending themselves against us. They are the aggressors, and are violating us to the core of our beings, destroying lives, and taking away our right to life, liberty and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

This is a horror movie. And they mean business, and will fight to the bitter end to survive. They will NEVER admit defeat, guilt nor will they concede. You think Skynet was bad. They are the same.

Ask yourself what the Great Reset IS. The central bankers founded the UN and are still very involved. The UN follows the same exact AGENDA 21/30 and Great Reset script that every other company and organization the CBs control do. Again, it requires very little research to see the truth on their own sites and in their own words.

Here are the CB’s puppets in the mainstream media they literally own controlling stock in. When these so called reporters open their mouths, the words of the blue bloods and CBs pop right out. Why do people believe and trust criminals who have it out for them. Makes you wonder…

Agenda 21 was the original name for the Great Reset. And there have been many other names that all represent the same grand plan; a totalitarian, one world state where the government (THEM) has all the control over everything the people do, and the unalienable rights of all humanity are violated, generation after generation, until our descendants (if they are “lucky” enough to survive) forget what liberty and rights are. Think China on steroids. That is where we are headed if we don’t defeat them.


President Trump has pushed their hand with his actions to “drain the swamp”- by exposing them to US. Now – because of OUR Great Awakening to the swamp creatures and their ugly and evil ways, they are desperate to enact their world domination plan while they still have a chance. For this reason, they are coming out of the shadows and being more brazen and smug than ever. Soon, they will have to fight us outright. It is coming. The people of the world have awoken, and will never go back to sleep after this. Will it be enough? This remains to be seen, but I believe that the TRUTH will set us free.

“I’ll drain the swamp,” he said. Well, here is the swamp. We can clearly see that what is happening now goes way beyond partisan politics. The CBs are financing and orchestrating this unreal election, along with their allies (all of whom are just shell corporations or useful tools to them.,,not of their superior bloodline) and this includes CHINA.

This is a very important video that everyone needs to watch!

It is easy to follow and connect the central bankers and their controlling interests in over 90% of the war industry. They control the Deep State, and the Military Industrial Complex, all of biotechnology and AI technology, and everything else that is totally wrong with this world.

And don’t forget the black ops/black market. The central bankers and their supremacist cabal of villains ALSO sit at the tip-top “Godfather” and seats in the global black market, where slavery, other wise known as human trafficking is very much alive and well. And so is organ harvesting, blood and adrenochrome harvesting, and sacrifice of young children. And so is illegal weapons trade, super drugs, bioweapons, murder, assassination etc. They do anything they want and they are without conscience, so it’s not difficult to connect the dots (follow the money).

The monetary system that they forced on humanity is vile and predatory, and, most importantly, it is NOT Capitalism (although they say it is). Small town America is Capitalism. Main Street America is Capitalism because there is fair competition based on quality and human choice. Corporatists have no competition because they are financed by CBs…and they couldn’t compete in a truly fair, capitalist economy if they tried. And they know it.

The corporatist monopoly system is UNCONSTITUTIONAL -and it needs to be removed completely from our country and our world. if we are ever to reach our highest potential as the amazing, divinely created and unlimited beings we really are.

We have all grown up in debt slavery, like fish in water. Most cannot see the toxic nature of this beast, and how truly dark and devoid of light and truth it is. Through what could be called “black magic,” (using energy with will and purpose to create vile and predatory outcomes), the CB psychopaths force-funnel all assets to the top of their pyramid of power, right into the all seeing eye that is like a magnet to power and wealth for them.

Talk about a monopoly! The CBs almost have complete ownership of every company and all lines of wealth and assets in the world. How the HELL did humanity let this happen?

(Umm, they use technology far beyond what they dole out to us peasants to mind control us. Some are more susceptible than others, but we are ALL their victims and would be less messed up in every way without their assault on our psyches and our lives, from birth to death).

Eventually ALL assets in their system will rise to the very top. And everyone at the bottom will be dead or just used as literal slaves. THIS IS THEIR REAL PLAN. They have told us all along what they intend, with their predictive programming and dystopian science fiction books and film, and with their own words, via their own organizations and agencies and companies (and bioshell corporations like Soros) they work their dirty power through.

They have told us exactly what they plan for us. But most have have been conditioned to think “conspiracy theory” whenever this actual conspiracy against humanity is mentioned. It was the CIA that coined the term, “conspiracy theory” for just this reason. The CIA was always under CB control. MKUltra was theirs too. Just ask the Kennedys. They were insiders, and they knew everything. And so does President Trump. God bless him!


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