Ruby Freeman, Georgia’s Suitcase Vote Counter, Solicited ‘Donations’ After Working During Election

Ruby Freeman, Georgia’s Suitcase Vote Counter, Solicited ‘Donations’ After Working During Election


The woman exposed as part of the unsupervised overnight Georgia vote count solicited donations on Facebook after finishing her work.

Georgia vote counter Ruby Freeman, who was identified as the mother of the woman who brought in suitcases full of ballots after observers were instructed to leave in a video posted by the Trump Campaign, solicited donations in a Facebook post on November 8, while she likely was still serving as an election worker.

In the Facebook post, Freeman notes that she had worked for 16 hours on Friday, November 6 and that she had not taken a weekend off in three weeks. She also tagged Diamond Nails in her post, indicating where she desired to spend her donated funds.

“I worked 16 hours on Friday,” wrote Freeman. “First weekend off in 3 weeks. Donations accepted,” she added.

Freeman solicited these donations on November 8, 2020, and would have been referencing Friday, November 6. At this point, Georgia ballots were still being counted throughout the state, especially in Fulton County, where an alleged water pipe malfunction slowed the process by several hours. The malfunction was later confirmed to be isolated to a single toilet.

National File obtained this image from Freeman’s now-deleted Facebook profile. This latest update comes as questions are raised surrounding Freeman and her daughters’ actions while serving as election workers, as National File reported:

“The actions of Freeman’s daughter are clearly seen in the original video provided by the Trump campaign, and confirm her identity. In this first frame, Freeman’s daughter is seen to be the first vote counter to pull the suitcases from under the table. Her dreadlocks, with dark roots, are clearly visible.

Freeman’s daughter is then seen to be the first person who actually removes the votes from the suitcases.

In this image, Freeman’s daughter appears to be issuing instructions to the other vote counters. They begin moving to the suitcases and ballots after she stands in this position and speaks.

Freeman’s daughter then retrieves a second suitcase full of ballots from underneath the table. Her mother stands nearby watching throughout this clip.

Since National File revealed that the person in a supervisory role was Freeman’s daughter, we have since revealed her daughter’s name to be Shaye Moss. Moss was profiled in 2019 for her achievement of processing 10,000 absentee voting applications by herself.


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