Draining Reno’s Swamp: Eddie Lorton, Reno Patriot and Candidate for City Council

Draining Reno’s Swamp: Eddie Lorton, Reno Patriot and Candidate for City Council

To all the California transplants who’ve just moved to Reno, and are trying to find your way; why would you vote for anyone other than Eddie Lorton? You left California to get away from the oppressive state, county and city governments. Devon Reese represents the very same people you are running from. They are not American patriots, like Eddie. They’ve lived lies most of their adult lives, caused immense pain, and cannot be trusted. They are in the back pockets of developers, land owners, and non-Nevadans who want to fundamentally change Nevada and turn it into the same cesspool as California.

Eddie, a native Nevadan, who speaks the truth plainly, works for the betterment of our community, not for personal gain, and not to leverage his position or his partnerships with any conflicts of interest. Eddie is a man who is not confused, nor conflicted, nor can be influenced by the top bidders. Eddie Lorton works for Reno, and for us! He deserves and he has earned his seat on the Reno City Council.

Know Eddie like I know Eddie. Eddie speaks the truth:

People often ask me why I’m so passionate about Reno politics and why I think I can make a difference. That’s easy. I’ve lived in Reno since I was 6 months old. It’s my home and I’ve seen it go through many changes, some good, some bad, some disastrous. As a local business owner, I know what it will take to bring Reno back to a thriving community of opportunity for all. As a resident and homeowner, I know what the people need to feel safe and secure. We are in an unprecedented time in our lives. One that will likely never be seen again.

My goal is to help shepherd Reno through the pandemic and emerge on the other side stronger and on a path to more prosperity. We need to open our businesses in a safe responsible way. Another major issue I see is polarizing political gamesmanship. Right now, what is most needed in Reno and in our country is bipartisan sensible leadership and that is something I can bring to the table for Reno. As an independent, I represent the best interest, not special interests. My vote is not for sale (unlike my opponent – see the new stories about that and the out of state real estate developers that fund his campaign). What I want for Reno is what we all want, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We need an independent voice on the City Council to bring a level of fiscal responsibility to bear. I promise to be that voice, that represents all of Reno, and that holds the rest of the council accountable for their actions and choices.

Great video about a true Reno Patriot!

  • Eddie’s Goals Once Elected:
    • Create a more transparent city government, which informs the citizenry about why we’re doing what we’re doing
    • Be far more open with the public, so they can make informed decisions on the issues which affect their lives
    • Do what is right for the Citizens of Reno; NOT simply cave to political pressure or pander to special interests
    • Get the people of Reno more involved in determining what’s to be done with their tax money
    • Put more of the major decisions into ballot measures, so the Citizens of Reno can be heard
    • Bring common sense back to government
    • End the petty corruption and fiscal mismanagement which is the current state of Reno politics
    • Bring fiscal responsibility back to Reno’s checkbook 
  • “14 years ago, we were not in debt: Now we’re OVER ONE BILLION DOLLARS in debt, not including the interest, and have an obligation to pay millions more in unpaid benefits. Our beautiful city is on the verge of bankruptcy. But yet we rent “whale art pieces” for display while shutting down fire stations and swimming pools for our kids. Enough is enough, this has to change.”
  • Eddie Lorton


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