Black conservatives hear it all the time. “You ain’t black” unless you are a democrat. “You ain’t black” if you’re not behind the BLM movement. “You ain’t black” unless you believe in a far leftist, establishment and globalist backed ideology that is rooted in victimology and inane Marxist nonsense.

“You ain’t black,” and you are an “Uncle Tom,” a “coon” or a “house n word” if you are against reparations, or not against capitalism and private property rights. “How dare you think outside of our box, boy?”

Black leftists believe that abusing other blacks for refusing membership in their political club, or GASP, walking away completely, is not only justified, it’s the right thing to do, and the brave thing to do…because “it’s for your own good.”

An example of “acceptable” bullying and shaming by black leftists of black conservatives:

Candace Owens calls them what they are.

But the shaming isn’t just black on black. In truth, all of their shaming and ad hominem attacks are about party, not really about race at all. If you are black, you also must hold communist beliefs, or your life does not matter. Same goes for being a woman or any member of a group the left deems as “minority.”

White leftists shame other whites for holding different views, exactly the same way. This is one of many indicators that the new democratic party, with its rebranded 21st century communism, has become a political cult. And a dangerous one.

They are showing us right out in the open, that anyone who won’t submit to their ideology is a detestable “enemy of the state”… who can be righteously silenced, attacked, impeached, lied about and even destroyed, to further their agenda. Listen to these fighting words from one of their most powerful comrades:

The terrifying truth is: No matter your race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, advanced education or high reputation etc… if you refuse to submit to the left’s narrative, ideology, cause, movement, cult, party, and ultimately, regime…. you ain’t human to them, you are subhuman.

That is why they feel justified in verbally or physically threatening, bullying, abusing, attacking or sometimes even killing you if you refuse to bow to their mob. Political cults demonize non believers into subhuman status, in order to slaughter them without impunity, if it becomes necessary for the success of the political cult.

And watch out. If you happen to become classified as subhuman for refusing to bow to communist ideologues somewhere down the road, and you dare defend your own life against a violent and deadly mob attack, even in your own home, you will be treated as the guilty party if the communists have power. “You ain’t human” unless you are one of them.

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'was Joe Biden: "The reason able to stay home during the pandemic is because Black women were able to keep the grocery shelves stocked." My GOD. 0:05 NEWS 624K views From Shmueli 12:23 PM 10/5/20 Twitter for iPhone'

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