Twitter Cites Section 230 Immunity Protection for Pedophiles

Twitter Cites Section 230 Immunity Protection for Pedophiles

(Natural News) A new lawsuit alleges that Twitter is aiding and abetting child sex traffickers and pedophiles by allowing them to buy and sell children, as well as spread child pornography, on its platform. Twitter, in its own defense, says the immunity protections outlined in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) do not require the social media service to act on behalf of innocent children who are being exploited.

If it was Donald Trump attempting to tweet about the fraudulent 2020 election from a separate account – Trump’s personal account was banned by Twitter several months ago – you can be sure Twitter would immediately flag and remove the “offending” tweet, as well as the account used. Since we are talking about children being raped and abused, however, Twitter is not at all concerned.

According to Jack Dorsey and Co., the lawsuit should be dismissed because Twitter bears no responsibility in removing child pornography and those who create and spread it from its platform. Section 230 of the CDA ensures this, which is why many are now calling for it to be rescinded.

“Given that Twitter’s alleged liability here rests on its failure to remove content from its platform, dismissal of the Complaint with prejudice is warranted on this ground alone,” the company insists.

According to reports, Twitter is not only supporting child sex trafficking and child pornography – it is also benefitting from it financially. Nearly every time an incident is reported, Twitter takes its sweet time responding, if it ever even responds at all.

“Twitter is not a passive, inactive, intermediary in the distribution of this harmful material; rather, Twitter has adopted an active role in the dissemination and knowing promotion and distribution of this harmful material,” the lawsuit states, further blaming “Twitter’s own policies, practices, business model, and technology architecture.”

If Twitter employees don’t receive due justice here on earth, they certainly will in the afterlife

The Epoch Times reported back in January that Twitter “knowingly” benefits from the child sex trade. By failing to act against the dissemination of sexual abuse material when reported, Twitter is telling the world that it supports the sexual exploitation of innocent children, even as it generates witch hunt after witch hunt against conservatives and Trump supporters who use the platform.

According to the suit, Twitter routinely fails to report child sex abuse content in a timely fashion. In at least one instance, the company allowed child pornography to be viewed 167,000 times and re-tweeted 2,200 times before it was eventually removed from the platform, seemingly reluctantly.

If it were up to Twitter, the entire platform would probably be dedicated to child pornography, seeing as how its predominantly leftist user base seems to enjoy that kind of thing. Without Trump and child pornography, Twitter would probably lose all remaining traces of relevancy.

Rather than express any kind of outrage over the fact that child pornographers are crawling all over its platform, Twitter is instead doubling down on the narrative that cleaning up the site is not its responsibility.

The “sheer volume” of tweets on any given day, the company insists, render it “simply not possible” for Twitter “to remove all offending content immediately or accurately in all cases.”

Twitter had no problem immediately censoring Trump, however, because his words are “mean” and some people get really angry whenever they read them. Getting rid of Trump was obviously a much bigger priority for Twitter than protecting the innocent against vile exploitation. And people wonder why America is on the fast-track to hell?


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