The Trump LOVE Parades the Media Don’t Want You to See!

The Trump LOVE Parades the Media Don’t Want You to See!

You DO know that all the Trump Train parades popping up all over America are grass roots, often spontaneous, and not connected with the Trump campaign?

No presidential candidate that I can remember has ever inspired such incredible enthusiasm as our great president has!

Cars, trucks, boats, big rigs, horses and buggies and even tractors are gathering to celebrate and rally for President Trump!

We can all agree that it’s impossible to believe the polls!

This video by Conservative Resurgence is a must see. Lots of great footage, and great insights into the grassroots movement behind President Trump!

He also points out that these vehicle parades probably wouldn’t have started had the draconian Covid 19 measures never come into effect. Silver linings!

This is from the Summer of 2020, but it’s worth a rewatch for the good feels!

Texans for Trump!

California might flip RED. What do you think?

You HAVE to see this. New Yorkers for Trump driving past Trump Tower! The network news stations only showed this car rally from the Commie’s perspective. Yes, some threw eggs at the cars and trucks flying American flags. No surprise from the Bolshevik revolutionaries and anarchists; they support criminals in office, because they themselves ARE criminals!

Vietnamese cross-country caravan. This one made me cry a little. I love Trump supporters! We are the best because we love the United States of America!

Jews for Trump car parade in Brooklyn. Intolerant Communists abused the Jews, but that didn’t stop the Jews from flying their Trump 2020 flags!

Farmers for Trump! I would have loved to be there! MAGA!

You know things have gotten real when the Amish make an appearance. AMISH FOR TRUMP! I didn’t even know they voted. Check out what the side of the buggy says. “Make Liberals Cry Again.” The Amish are savage!!

I will leave you with this gem, which I only found because I was searching “Trump Trains.” Check out this cool preview of Lloyd Marcus’s song. We will be sharing the full video as soon as he releases it.

Thank you, Patriot Lloyd Marcus, the “unhyphenated American!” We appreciate your great activism for President Trump!


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