President Donald Trump, Beast Hunter

President Donald Trump, Beast Hunter

When Donald J Trump came down the escalator, announced his candidacy for President of the United States, and made the now historic promise that he would “drain the swamp,” no one knew exactly what he would do to keep that promise. Now we are getting an idea.

It’s clear to me now that he knew all along -in order to drain the swamp, he would have to expose the massive fraud and treason so many in our government have been guilty of for God knows how long.

Donald Trump knew in 2012.

2020 has been the year where Democrats and Republicans both have been exposed for what they are: either servants of the Constitution and the American People, or servants of the genocidal, diabolical and utterly soulless Deep State; the beast by any name you prefer to call it.

I see it as a many tentacled and endless headed SCOURGE, the vilest and most diabolical element of the human psyche, which has been released into the world by humans who sell their humanity when they choose to serve the SCOURGE for personal power. These are the demons among us! They serve the beast.

The American People will never allow swamp creatures to steal our elections again. Not now that we know, and have evidence for it. All the swamp creatures who have been hunted and trapped by our Commander in Chief, are DONE FOR. We the People will not concede to traitors!

Meet the Swamp Creatures Who Own and Control Dominion


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