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This day, November 4, has been one of the hardest days of my life. The Communists are a much more powerful force in our country than I ever imagined. I am so very sad and afraid for my country, and for my daughter and her future children.

Even though I still believe our president will be victorious against these corrupt traitors, I could barely sleep all night, and first thing this morning, I checked my vote in Nevada at the NV SOS site and my county registrar, which I’d been planning to do since I voted but had forgotten till now. What I discovered was my voting record for 2020 is nonexistent! I am not listed as a registered voter with my county registrar or my state. It’s as if I didn’t vote at all, even though I voted on Oct 30, in person. And there are many others just like me! I have connected with dozens today!

This is what it feels like to be disenfranchised by my own country, or really, by the deep shadow state that has laid waste to my country over the course of my life. I can’t believe we have come to this as AMERICANS!

It is beyond disturbing and sickening to see how corrupted and unamerican my country’s election process has become! We are no longer a sovereign Republic of liberty, law and order. We have become dangerously close to being a banana republic, with clear and obvious signs of deep corruption and outright sedition!

Our lawful and fair election process may have not been perfect, but what we HAD was a far cry above the lawless and corrupted banana republics of the world…where elections are rigged and votes are stolen. This is what has come to America, thanks to the democrats!

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As soon as I discovered the monkey business about my nonexistent ballot, I shared it to a Facebook group I belong to, and with my friends. Many people reported back that they discovered the same or some other unacceptable issues with their own ballots. I have since heard that Arizona and other states are reporting similar issues.

Kayleigh W said, “Mine is not counted! Along with many other people I know. Plus I know someone who surrendered her ballot and voted in person, she went to check her status and it says she voted by mail! She surrendered her ballot to vote at the machines in person on the first day. Fraud!”

Rachel B said, “I called yesterday and was told my in person ballot most likely won’t show until the 16th on BallotTrax.

Holly B: “I voted in person on October 21st. And it has no history of me voting.”

“No record of my in person vote? Something is fishy”

Wanting to spread the word, I drove over to our Capital in Carson City with the lone protester, pictured above, so we could let people know. By the time we got home a couple hours later, so many people had called and complained about their own unaccepted, uncounted or unfindable ballots- that the City of Reno Registrar held a press release with promises that they’ll get it all under control, and that we could trust them to count all the votes carefully, and to maintain election integrity. Yeah right! The woman seemed very nervous.

WATCH THE NERVOUS WOMAN’S PRESS CONFERENCE HERE: (read the comments, countless people disenfranchised!

What is going on in our country?

The CCP collaborators who have commandeered the Democrat Party will stoop to any low NECESSARY in order to win and ultimately control our country, change it into a Communist banana republic, and oppress all of us!

The collaborators truly live by the motto, “All is fair in love and war.” This is war to them.

They plan to rip apart everything that makes America beautiful and free, our culture, our civilization, our individuality and individual thought, and our unalienable rights. The right to own private property. The right to own and be the lawful steward of our own bodies. The right to operate our own businesses in a free and open market. The right to speak our truth and defend our property and our families. This is what a Harris/Biden/DS presidency would look like!

The next few weeks are going to be very difficult. So please, my APCT brothers, sisters, and fellow Patriots, rise above, remain confident, and in control. Now is the time for all of us to focus, and prepare for the possible difficult road ahead, we all may face. President Trump is our Commander in Chief, and it is our duty to follow his lead. We will count all “legal” votes and President Trump will lead our great Country for another 4 years! In the meantime, remember, “Invictus Maneo” I / we remain unvanquished!


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