Duckies, Bunnies, Kittens and Puppies

Duckies, Bunnies, Kittens and Puppies

Now that establishment Democrats and Marxist global elites have stolen this election from President Trump, our friends on the Left are begging for things to go back to normal.  After years of harassment, ridicule, false accusations, shaming, riots, censorship, lockdowns, God-bashing, fear mongering, murdering and destruction they now crave normalcy.  “It’s over now,” they tell us.  “You must accept Biden as your president.  Let’s come together as Americans,” they say. 

Instead of the severed head of President Trump, they now post videos over socialist media depicting duckies, bunnies, kittens and puppies frolicking in a field or Santa Claus tip-toeing through a glowing Victorian-style home to deliver a special package to a wide-eyed child.  “Let’s put politics behind us and embrace the new year,” they post, as if a giant group hug will now heal this nation. 

This is NOT cute! #Traitors

Images of joy that once unified us as Americans are now being met with scorn, not because they aren’t heart-warming but because they are being shoved at us by the very people that perpetrated and defended the violence that has ravaged our country over the past several years.  These people who now call for peace are the very ones who have sought to destroy our republic and rob us of our freedoms.  It’s enough to make even the most tolerant of conservatives seethe with disdain.  Could this olive branch be due to embarrassment over the depths their party was willing to stoop to unseat our President?  Or could it be fear of the coming retribution that worries them?  Only time will tell. 

Hateful Hollywood Calls for Niceness | Newsbusters

The very peace the Left now claims to covet will never be theirs until our Constitution is safe and the evil corruption that has brought us to this place has been eradicated. Families have been torn apart, friendships have been severed and lines have been drawn in the sand.  The 3%ers are fully armed, trained and ready for war.  Food, supplies, survival kits and ammunition have been stockpiled not by fearful COVID freaks but by patriots preparing for massive civil unrest and Martial Law

There is an eerie quietness that has fallen over this country, a sort of calm before the storm while patriots brace for impact and liberal America cowers in a worried collective gulp.  Biden may very well enter the White House in January but this is a fight that is far from over.  The sleeping giant of patriotic America has awakened and we will never kneel before the flag, we will never give up our constitutional rights to free speech, to worship God and to bear arms and we will engage in Civil War to protect these rights if we must. Spare us the cute emojis and memes of furry animals and give us our country back.   


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I have worn many hats in my lifetime. Some of them fit and some of them did not. Some of them I wore for the pure pleasure of the experience and some I threw off in frustration. The truth is, I was never sure of what I wanted to do when I grew up until I saw the direction our country was going. At that point, I tried on a hat which seemed to fit. Like so many patriotic Americans today, the desire to step forward and engage was always a pressing concern but never a desperation until the last decade when it became clear that our country was in danger, not from foreign enemies but from within. I grew up one of four children in a German/Irish family west of Milwaukee, WI. My parents did their best to instill in their children the conservative values of morality, humility and a steadfast work ethic along with a healthy dose of humor and sarcasm, stemming of course from the Irish side. My education consisted of parochial elementary school, all-girls Catholic high school and college at the University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and French. After graduation, I hit the ground running as a flight attendant for American Airlines aspiring to break into their marketing department but soon realized I was far too restless to pursue a desk job and the 9 to 5 grind. I chose to continue this career as the flexibility offers opportunities to pursue other interests while maintaining a paycheck. I was based in San Francisco for most of my career, living in a cabin in the redwoods outside of Santa Cruz, CA. In youthful rebellious nature, I latched on to the hippie lifestyle in my 20s championing cause after cause, determined to change the world one recycled can at a time. In my 30s, I took up the sport of body-building, became a certified personal trainer and then in the aftermath of 9/11 and a 30% company pay cut decided to move to Sparks, NV where I opened a retail wine store/wine bar which I ran with a business partner until the housing collapse claimed our business. In the decade since, I continued to dabble in small business ventures while I embarked on a personal quest to educate myself in the area of politics. The direction our country is going in, the obvious lies spewing from the main stream media and the hypocrisy of the Democratic party was far too great to ignore. It was through this self-education and determination that I re-embraced the conservative values of my upbringing and vowed to make a difference. However, it was not until I volunteered for the Trump campaign in 2015 that the doors of the political arena were truly opened to me. I have been blessed with the opportunity to follow my passion as a freelance writer for Sierra Sage Magazine and have also co-hosted two political radio shows including my current show Sierra Sage Live with Kate and Len. The fate of our nation is at stake. I can say with certainty that the presidential election of November 3, 2020 is the most critical election of our lifetime. Our country rests upon a precipice where we are all faced with a great responsibility to either uphold the freedoms our founding fathers lived and died for or watch it slip into the abyss of social progressivism. During this critical time, I ask that you stand with me and other patriotic Americans. God bless you all and thank you so much for the opportunity to be a contributing writer for American Patriot Contact Tracers.
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