DNC Whistleblower or Shill Claims Kamala Harris And Nancy Pelosi Behind Rampant Election Fraud –

DNC Whistleblower or Shill Claims Kamala Harris And Nancy Pelosi Behind Rampant Election Fraud –

APCT.NEWS cannot confirm if this story is real or fake, but given everything that is happening right now, we think our readers will find it…interesting and something to keep in mind in the following weeks, as the whole truth surfaces for all to see.

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Whether real or fake, this makes for an interesting topic considering everything is now being exposed. So here’s the story:

Allegedly a DNC whistle blower in fear of where to turn to report voter fraud, gave a plea for help on 4 chan.- allegedly after finding out the voter fraud was rampant. The whistle blower was in fear of being blamed for the fraud and came forward seeking help on what to do claiming the entire Democrat party is being blamed when it was Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi that ordered the rigging. No mention of Obama, Wasserman Schultz, Hillary, Shift, Nadler, Schumer, Durbin, etc.. So just to be clear we have watched the entire Democratic Party and most of them are guilty as “____” (you can name it) when it came to Russia, Russia, Russia, Impeach, Impeach, Impeach, and all the inbetween hateful, disrespectful slurs, slams, bashes, and ALL OF THE NOT MY PRESIDENT! Then there is the big guy – Biden. Master at nation toppling via voter fraud. (It’s on his resume, just ask Ukraine!)

It appears Sidney Powell agrees that there should be a full audit into the land of Pelosi! This is very good. Could it be that the DNC did make a plea? Or is this just the obvious? Either way there will be a shake down! Looks like treason against the people by the Governor is about to be an issue!

Where do we start? The entire Democratic slate is lined with a communist manifesto! So, it appears that the shill or real person on 4 chan is either looking to create a conspiracy…or is wanting to know if they will be blamed if Pelosi goes down, or perhaps wants people to start stories? Maybe that’s just their way of spying to see what others know or are saying about the fraud?

One thing is true, the leaders in the Dem party who have participated in the coup to take down Trump are all in league and they are all guilty of treason against the American people. But Pelosi and Kamala in charge of this? I doubt they were other than ordering it. But, did they know about this? Heck yes they knew. Kamala is far from having dementia and trust me if she thought campaigning would determine the voter outcome, she’d of been out there trying hard to sway some votes and not standing in her designated circle talking about re-educating Trump supporters and no fracking.

According to the article in the CLOVER CHRONICLE ON NOVEMBER 6, 2020 the whistle blower did not want to present proof for fear of posting anything would be admitting we knew about it. But, said, ” To be completely honest, we f*cked up. We became aware of all of this on election night but waited because we thought it wasn’t going be on this grand of a scale.

“A great place to look is Nancy Pelosi’s election numbers. They do the opposite Bidens do. They had people filling out ballots just for her because there was no doubt CA was voting Biden but she was actually at risk of getting booted.”

So, in other words…a little election interference (VOTER FRAUD) as usual is okay? Is that what that statement means?

Read full story here: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/287944127/

No one knows for sure if this is a real whistle blower or a shill on 4 chan. But, the story seems so real in light of all the events that we have witnessed these last four years. One thing is sure, with the congress reaching an all time low in approval ratings, I am certain election fraud will be found in Pelosi’s win as well as many of the hateful birds that somehow kept their seats.

But for the alleged whistle blower to come forth on the Thursday after the elections… that timing is interesting. Any thoughts on whether this is real or fake? Either way, we all have been watching four seasons of “Pelosi Leads The Coup To Overthrow President Trump” and that my friends is TREASON!

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