The IMF & Rothschild’s Federal Reserve In The USA About To Merge

The IMF & Rothschild’s Federal Reserve In The USA About To Merge

This article has been scrubbed from the internet. It is from 2011, but relevant and educational to what is happening now with the fiat monetary system.

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Been lots of talk around lately regarding the collapse of the US Dollar and what that would mean for the United States of America and the world. There has also been a lot of talk about the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America and how unhappy the people of the US are getting with this largely unknown organization.

These two forces are converging together in what could be a very serious and detrimental way as it relates to the average US citizen. This article will rely heavily on flawed analogies to help the lay person understand the inner workings of both the IMF and the Federal Reserve Bank. This is not to be taken as an academic piece and I would ask that it not be judged as such. This is meant to help those people that have recently woken up to the reality that their country has been hi-jacked and those that are desperate to get up to speed as quickly as possible. So let’s jump right into the thick of it shall we? First we need to start with what I hope are simple lessons so that you can take what I am about to teach you and apply it to the real world.

There is one thing that bankers and computer people love to do and that is to use big scary acronyms to scare off the simple folk. So here is your first lesson.

I.M.F. and the S.D.R.

So right off the bat we are using acronyms that mean absolutely NOTHING to the lay person and yet that is an actual sentence believe it or not… IMF stands for the International Monetary Fund. The SDR is short for Special Drawing Rights and is the currency of the IMF. The International Monetary Fund is a private bank that is used to help sovereign nations engage in international commerce. Just like if you owned a company and you used bank A, and your supplier used Bank B, the IMF would be the bank that both banks A and B used to transfer payments and credits back and forth to each other. To Company A and B (using Bank A and B) it would be seamless.

But the IMF does a whole lot more for the global economy. They are the creditor of last resort for a lot of countries. For if you want to engage in international commerce in the free world (meaning the world now) you must be a part of the IMF system. Should a country that is part of this system become over leveraged because of mismanagement and debt accumulation, the IMF stands ready to come to the rescue. To understand how this relationship has worked in the past (and the present); I MUST go into some history. I will keep it brief I promise.

To understand how the global monetary/commercial world works you have to go back to the end of World War II. Following the war the United States was alone as a major industrial power. The rest of the industrial countries were in shambles. The United States was also nearly alone as a producer of oil. It is this later point that needs to be highlighted.

The United States used its vast oil reserves and coupled it with a highly trained industrial labor force and put it to work in its vast expanse of industrial capacity to re-build the rest of the world. It is this fact that is at the very center of our current monetary system some 60 years later. So I will start with my first analogy…

The US Corp could be seen as a huge company like General Motors. Following WWII US Corp was the only company left with the capacity to make things and it had the working capital and energy to do what it wanted. US Corp went out into the world and started to acquire other businesses. First was Japan Corp which US Corp had beaten into a pulp during the war. US Corp decided that it was in its own best interest to build Japan Corp back up, but it needed to make sure that it never again could threaten US Corp the way it did in WWII.


Japan Corp used its own currency called the YEN and US Corp obviously used the Dollar. So to make this all work, US Corp had to make sure that the workers at Japan Corp didn’t feel like the last of their country was being taken from them. To keep them vested in the viability of their own country, it was very important to let them keep their own currency and their own political structure, albeit greatly modified under the surface. We allowed Japan Corp to keep their figurehead CEO (the Emperor) and we installed a new board of directors (Democratic institutions). We linked the Bank of Japan to US Corp’s bank (The Federal Reserve) through a new institution called the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

If we were to compare this to General Motors, this would be like GM buying another company and bringing it under the umbrella of the GM brand. So in this case Japan is like Pontiac and they are given free rein to run their subsidiary the way they see fit, SO LONG as they abide by the parent companies rules.

This setup worked wonderfully and within a decade Japan Corp was back on its feet and was supplying cheap labor and products for US Corp and with every single barrel of oil, Japan Corp bought on the international market, it further linked them with our monetary system.

To keep the Japanese citizens from feeling that it was the US Corp in charge of everything, we came up with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Of course, these institutions were funded initially by the United States, Great Britain, and as such they were just pseudo US institutions. But it worked and the Japanese subsidiary of US Corp gladly bought oil and products from the United States in its own currency (the Yen) but it was linked via the IMF to the US Dollar.

For you see, US Corp linked everything that the industrial world needed to the US Dollar. All gold/oil/silver/food/etc were priced first in US Dollars and depending upon the relative “strength” of your currency to the US Dollar, this would dictate how much of your currency it would take to purchase a barrel of oil or an ounce of gold.

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This gave US Corp a huge advantage in the world, as we produced almost everything anyways. We had most of the world’s oil supply and a very large portion of the food supply. We were the largest producer of the big complex things the world needed to rebuild. We allowed the smaller subsidiaries to produce the little stuff we needed or wanted. Japan Corp was great at the later, supplying us with small radios and other cool electronic gadgets.

US Corp built a company with dozens and dozens of subsidiaries, each one of them bringing something to the table either large or small. And as the world re-built, other countries wanted to get in on the good times and they voluntarily sold themselves to US Corp. Other countries were very reluctant to join our big happy company. Those countries fell into two groups.

Either they were affiliated with Russia Corp or they wanted to stay neutral. But in a world that was moving fast towards globalization it became apparent that each country would have to choose a side lest they be shut out of the global market. For remember, that the only way to gain access to US Corp’s vast array of markets and supplies, is to be a part of the IMF/World Bank. It was the only way to convert your currency to other currencies (like the US Dollar to buy OIL!!).

I will end this history lesson there, as I could get sucked in for hours explaining how US Corp and Russia Corp went to economic(and sometimes real) war with each other and how Russia Corp tried to have it both ways, by linking themselves partially to the IMF to gain access to US Corps vast supplies and labor.

I will leave that to YOU to go out and study on your own, as it is a story to rival any fictional book you have ever read. The important thing to take away here, is that the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are institutions that were created by the United States and Great Britain. It is a global system that allows countries using different currencies to exchange their goods and services with each other almost seamlessly.

Remember also that the system was setup INITIALLY to allow US Corp to control the world’s most important supplies. Things like FOOD, OIL, COMMODITIES (gold,silver,etc) and the rest. At the time this system was created it was the United States that was supplying the lion’s share of these items. But as the decades have come and gone, these items have increasingly come from other parts of the world.

And a good portion of these countries are ones that were FORCED into our system either out of necessity or by direct manipulation of their country by forces outside their borders(meaning the US and the IMF)..


This next part of our story is centered on how the US has maintained its spot at the top of the economic order even in the face of massive budget deficits and seemingly unending debt loads. The title of this section is called Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, as I give a nod to a book of the same name written by a man named John Perkins. Mr. Perkins is a trained economists and his specialty was international finance. His job was to go out into the world and sell foreign leaders on US Corp and to convince them to get on board with our system. Or more importantly, it was his job to make sure that they were forever caught up in our system and that they did not attempt to leave our company.

For you see there came a time when US Corp was no longer the biggest oil producer, so it was paramount that we lock up as many oil producing nations under the US Corp banner as possible. It was Mr. Perkins job to go out to these nations, most of which were considered very backwards by modern western standards, and convince them that we had something they needed. He made promises of vast loans of money from the IMF to help them modernize their economy and to help them fully exploit the vast resources that they controlled within their borders.

In many cases these were simple men who did not fully understand the deals that were being laid down before them. In fewer cases the leaders of these countries understood all too well the consequences of joining up with this new company. Mr. Perkins (and those like him) approached these leaders and promised them the world. They offered them access to US Corp’s vast array of weapons and industry. Were they to get on board they would be given access to weapons that would give them a huge advantage against countries they were enemies with. And to make sure we covered our bases we made the same deals with their enemies.

A few men stood up and tried to warn these countries that they were being played or they tried to rally these countries to stand against US Corp. These men to a one were assassinated or overthrown. When US Corp ran into stubborn leaders, they had a strange habit of being eliminated by “rival political forces”. These rivals almost always were sympathetic to US Corp.

And once these leaders signed up for the IMF loans, there was no turning back. In exchange for the Damns and bridges and schools and weapons, they only needed to agree to denominate their resources (chiefly oil) in US Dollars. This made the leaders of these countries fabulously wealthy beyond anything they could have imagined.

So after they were brought on as a US Corp subsidiary, every time they sold their oil to another country, it further entrenched them in the IMF system. When they wanted to build a lavish palace, they would sell oil on the markets and in return they would get US Dollars. They were simple people and there was little they could do with all these US Dollars. It did them no good to convert it back to their own currency as leaving it in US Dollars was much more lucrative. So they bought US Debt with this money as a long term savings plan or they used it to buy US weapons to protect their growing economy from their enemies.

And of course US Corp was no dummy; they were making the same deals with the enemies of these leaders.  As an example we were in bed very early with Iran Corp. Iran Corp showed great promise as being a large oil exporter. A man stood up against this system named Mohammad Mosaddegh.  He was western educated and understood all too well what the IMF was after. The economic hit men tried to get him on board with their plans but he refused. In 1953 a  coup d’état was initiated against his democratically elected government and he was successfully arrested and put under house arrest until his death some years later. Of course the “rival faction” was solidly in favor of linking their oil industry with the IMF and the United States.

This new government was brutal and ruled Iran with an iron fist. It was able to maintain control for many years until a new leader emerged in the late 1970’s by the name of Ayatollah Khomeini. He was decidedly against the plans of US Corp. So to counter this man’s ambitions of ruling the Middle East we got into bed with another leader. A man who was in charge of Iran’s chief enemy, a man named Saddam Hussein, who was the president of Iraq. We got Saddam on board with US Corp just as Iran fell to the Ayatollah and we supplied him with all the weapons he needed to stop Iran from expanding its power. He stayed in our good graces until the late 1980’s when he decided that HE wanted to break free of US Corps clutches. This time US Corp had to do its own dirty work and we stepped in to break Saddam’s back after he foolishly invaded Kuwait a rather small but incredibly important subsidiary of US Corp.

And it didn’t stop at oil. These economic hit men were active in South America and even Africa. All with the sole purpose of getting and keeping these countries entrenched in a system that placed the US Dollar at the center of the global economy with the IMF acting as the intermediary between US Corp and the rest of the modern economic world. It didn’t matter that US Corp was running huge deficits and spending money way in excess of what it really produced.  Because US Corp had its subsidiaries working overtime to make up the shortfall.


Because at all times and in almost every market, the US Dollar was always in demand, and because at all times the IMF was imposing its will upon the rest of the world, because without the IMF acting as an intermediary, global commerce could not happen. Every time a rival would rise up to usurp the US centric system they were quickly and usually efficiently eliminated.  So as we engaged in expensive wars and as we continued to lavish our citizens with ever more extravagant programs the rest of the world kept working to provide our shortfalls. Even when the US no longer could provide for its own oil usage and became an importer nation, the rest of the world played along. Even when in 1971 we ceased to be a nation that exported more than we imported, the rest of the world played along.

For over 40 years the world has played along with the US centric monetary system for one reason and one reason only. No one has come up with a better system and no one has had the balls to stand toe to toe with US Corp and knock us off our pedestal.  That is until now.


I would like to go back to my US Corp as General Motors analogy once again. US Corp has become so large and with so many competing subsidiaries that it has become completely unmanageable. US Corp has bled so many of its most valuable brands dry that something must be done, because US Corp is going to drive the entire world into the gutter. So a creation that was started by US Corp is going to be used to dismantle the parent company (Corporate Office) in an attempt to salvage what is left of the productive subsidiaries.

US Corp has dug itself in so deep with its debts that there is no way it can ever be paid back. US Corp consumes so much of the world’s energy and resources for completely unproductive reasons that it must be sold off and reorganized.  And this is where the IMF and the SDR come into play.  The same men who organized and put into place the IMF are once again hard at work planning for the next big thing.

Following WWII it became apparent that if there was not some global order enforced on the world that World War III would likely be the result. These monetary elites decided that it was better to have economic wars, rather than global hot wars that killed millions and destroyed entire nations. These elites were even willing to allow for small, local and controllable wars to allow steam to be blown off. Why would they want these small wars? Simple, because war is the ULTIMATE cure for runaway inflation. War is the ultimate “creative destruction” in the economic world. War eliminates old and wasteful factories and pushes technologic advancement. And most important of all, a world always on the “VERGE” of war is a world that needs these financial elites to keep the peace and to fund massive and lucrative arms sales.

A culmination of problems has surfaced over the past 10 to 20 years that threatens the global economic order that these men put into place over 60 years ago. The first is that the United States is no longer an exporter nation, which in and of itself is not a deal breaker. The elites were actually able to use this as a positive as the average US Corp citizen is extended massive amounts of credit and encouraged to go out into the world and BUY BUY BUY!! This keeps the subsidiaries busy and their factories humming. We use our US Dollars to buy their stuff, they use those US Dollars to buy oil from IMF connected countries like Saudi Arabia, whom you remember ONLY accept US Dollars as payment for their oil.

They buy the oil from Saudi Arabia who is already awash in palaces and wealth so they only have one option. They use these excess US Dollars and they buy US Debt with it, which in turn allows US Corp to continue to overspend at will. This is called Petro (oil) Dollar (US) Recycling. It is the very base of the economic order of the planet.

But problems started to surface some decades ago (even as far back as Jimmy Carter) that oil production on the planet was starting to slow down and the growth needed to keep the US Petro Dollar System moving was starting to slow down.

Jimmy & Billy Carter
Jimmy & Billy Carter

To put the problem into context I will give you some startling numbers. The world on any given day produces approximately 82 Million Barrels of Oil per Day. This is abbreviated as MBPD. Nearly all of this oil is sold using US Dollars. On any given day the world consumes close to 79 or 80 Mbpd of oil. On any given day US Corp produces almost 7 Mbpd of oil. But here is the real problem, US Corp CONSUMES close to 22 Million Barrels of Oil every single day of the year. And every year we consume a little more and every year we produce a little less. This imbalance cannot go on forever and the question you should be asking yourself at this point is when? When will the world finally stand up to US Corp and save themselves?

Which leads me finally to point of this article, how will the IMF be used to stop US Corp from sinking the entire global economy into another Great Depression, which would likely lead to another global war?

First we must make some distinctions. First is that the US Federal Reserve Bank has absolutely no allegiance to this country. The financial elites who are brokering these deals (some of them are direct offspring of the men who created the financial world order following World War II) have NO ALLEGIANCE to this country. Their only allegiance is to ensure the viability of their economic world order. And it is becoming increasingly apparent to them that the workers of US Corp have grown far too complacent and far too demanding and are utilizing FAR TOO MUCH of the world’s increasingly scarce energy supplies.

Again to show you how big the inequalities are. US Corp consumes close to 22Mbpd of oil, which is close to 20 percent of the global supply, yet we only represent around 6% of the global population. The next biggest user of oil on the planet is China. They currently consume around 8Mbpd of oil and yet they have a population nearly double ours.

These inequalities were not a problem to the elites in the past because they don’t deal in equality; they deal in growth and ensuring that the economic order keeps them at the top. So when the US was using way more oil and resources on the planet than anyone else, they didn’t care. Because things were still growing and their economic order was never threatened.

That has changed and they are moving to adapt their economic order to this seismic change that is about to occur.

So if you have actually read this far, I congratulate you. That was a lot of history and bad analogies to finally get to the ultimate point of this article. Everything I have written above is verifiably true. Though I have glossed over a lot of facts and embellished a little bit for entertainments sake, the basic truth is that the United States has and IS ruling the economic world. The United States decades ago stopped being the top exporter nation and stopped being the top energy exporting nation. Since 1971 the United States has been a net DRAW on the world, as we continue to consume more and more, it is coming(as I have CLEARLY SHOWN) increasingly on the backs of 3rd world nations who are sitting on resources that WE want and need to continue to grow our economy.

But there is a hard wall that we are hitting and that is a dramatic and irreversible slowing and or halt of global energy supply growth. Without the energy to grow, the economic system that these elites have created will halt and quickly reverse. For you see GROWTH is not an option in the economic order they created. It is absolutely imperative that the global economy continues to grow.

But the global elites are up against a wall here. The United States has the largest supply of atomic and conventional weapons on the planet. It citizens are completely oblivious to everything I spelled out above and then some. They are increasingly electing IDIOTS to run their country and it is only a matter of time before some person stands up before the people of this country and riding a gigantic wave of POPUPULISM, decides to throw the IMF and the Federal Reserve out of this country and retake it for ourselves. So these elites must act and with some sense of great urgency.

Unbeknownst to most in this country, the IMF has been increasing its monetary base though the use of SDR’s… Remember they are known as Special Drawing Rights. This is the currency of the IMF. If an IMF member gets into trouble and needs to be bailed out, they get loans in the form of SDR’s to use to restructure their economy. Well the IMF has been busily running around the world buying gold and vastly increasing its supply of SDR’s.


What possible reason would the IMF need that much gold to back that many SDR’s. I feel it is beyond obvious that as the US Dollar enters its end game, that the IMF will step in and use the same tactics it has used over and over again against other nations over the decades. The United States is nearing the point of no return. In just 4 short years our government went from a budget deficit of only 230 billion, to a staggering 1.5 trillion dollar PER YEAR. We have added 4 trillion dollars to the national debt in less than 3 years. States and localities are finding it harder and harder to keep their massive payroll paid and business’ are getting squeezed from every angle as we need to increase taxes or slash spending or likely BOTH to keep the economic system rolling over each month.

But the debt is JUST PAPER!! What if the IMF stepped in and said they could help us out. That they would work with the Federal Reserve to link the SDR to the US Dollar and that they could take all that debt away? All we would have to do is break the link between the US Dollar and commodities and give that function up to the IMF. They would even weight the US Dollar very heavily in this IMF mixed basket of currency. For the IMF is suggesting that the SDR be comprised of a combination of the strongest economies in the world, along with oil and gold and a few other commodities.

What if they took away our debt and in its place the world traded SDR’s in order to maintain global commerce. Inside the United States it would be no different at first. In fact it would probably be pretty nice as our debt load would be greatly reduced. And with a heavily US Dollar weighted SDR currency at the IMF, we would still have an advantage over other countries as the US Dollar would still be worth more in the mix than the Yen or the Euro.

But the devil is in the details. Once the link between the US Dollar and Oil is broken the ability of the United States to print debt at will is gone forever. From that moment on it is up to the financial elites at the IMF to decide what the relative worth of the US Dollar is in comparison to the other parts of the basket.

And seeing as that the ultimate goal of the financial elites(IMHO)  is to greatly reduce the energy demand that the United States places upon the global economy for unproductive ends, it would stand to reason that they would embark upon a slow but steady reduction of the relative worth of the US Dollar. This would result in a reduction in the US standard of living to the point where we would be just like Italy or France or any number of other countries.

If you don’t think very deeply about it, it is only fair right? We don’t produce like we used to, it only stands to reason that we should be taken down a few levels. On the surface this argument holds a lot of water. And what I am proposing in response would ultimately lead the United States to a similar standard of living, possibly even lower.  But what the IMF is moving towards is a continuation of a system the United States used for decades(and England used for centuries before us) to extract the wealth of the people of this earth to enrich themselves and to ensure that this new economic world order is never threatened.

If it is true that world energy levels have stalled out, it could be decades before any real increase in our way of life is achieved. In the mean time the financial elites will slowly bleed off all consumption in an attempt to keep the financial world functioning and to keep them at the top of the economic order.

The Con game Of The Banking Matrix.
The Con game Of The Banking Matrix.

I would propose a different route. It is a route that requires a large number of our countrymen to wake up and growth the hell up. I am not hopeful that this is even possible, but I am an optimist at my core. What if we just accept reality? What if we in the United States just broke free of this parasitic system that only exists to enrich a very few at the expense of BILLIONS of people? For at it very heart that is what our current system is all about.

The elites use the United States and all her power and influence to enforce a system that sucks all the wealth of the world to THEM. Sure we get some pretty tasty crumbs here in the United States, but in the grand scheme of things are we really that much better off than we were just 110 years ago in this country? Back then we were a largely agrarian country and though the work was back breaking at times, the TOTAL amount of time we spent working in those days as compared to now is not even close. We work months longer per year than we did back then.

Some people in this country are forced to work 50, 60 even 80 hours per week just to meet their basic “needs”. What if we threw off this parasitic system and learned to live within the energy footprint that we currently have? At 7 million barrels of oil per day and the large (but likely short lived) supply of Natural Gas and Coal and our technologic knowhow in the areas of Solar and wind, we could break free of this suicidal dependence upon the Global elites and their debt/growth machine.

EITHER WAY we will end up with a greatly reduced way of life. One way we do it from a place of strength and forethought. In the other it is thrust upon us likely for the next 6 or 7 decades with absolutely no chance for a relative recovery. Last time I checked, countries like Afghanistan and Libya and Turkey and Italy have never recovered at the hands of the IMF…  Why would we expect anything different?

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