The Great Reset, CV19 Lockdowns, and the Villain Banksters Who Control Everything

The central bankers have been calling all the shots in Washington and 90% of corporate America for years. They control all of this through the banks they own and their many capital investment funds. They are very intelligent; they use all the loopholes and conduct confusing business shenanigans in the shadows so no one even sees them. People think the distractions they orchestrate and finance are the enemies, or worse they think the people their media tells them to hate are the enemies. No one notices behind the curtain.

This explosive peer based Swiss study, “the network of global corporate control” highlights the fact that a small group of financial entities- mostly financial institutions and central banks – have an enormous influence over the global economy from behind the scenes. They call what is at the core of this power grid an “economic super entity.” Their system is set up to siphon massive assets back to themselves at the top. It is a Ponzi scheme and we are all its victims! Read the study here:


In truth, there is no greater enemy to humanity than the greedy, Ponzi elitists who speak their black magic lies through the network news stations they control. It’s all about divide and conquer to them. And the funny thing is, they have no political loyalties, nor do they have loyalties to any country. They only care about and serve themselves, and they wholeheartedly believe the planet belongs to them (and it does because we let them BUY IT).

If more people had the interest in financial things and followed the financial news – instead of consuming their stupid-o BS network “news,” they’d see who the real enemies are. They would see who the REAL Eye of Sauron, Eye of Providence, the One Bank That Rules Them All REALLY are. They are so proud of themselves and their great success at bamboozling the world, so they don’t really hide their intentions very well. In fact, they brag constantly and openly about all their crazy beliefs and ideas. But without a basic grasp of how the social engineers/controllers financially operate in the system they created for themselves, their words will be misconstrued.

Here, the Central Bankster’s General George Soros explains the agenda perfectly. Listen closely to what he says about assets versus currency.

The controller’s Great Reset is the most evil plan ever released on this planet, and yes, the Covid 19 “pandemic” lockdowns ARE the Great Reset.

They are one and the same movement towards a much greater global centralization of power and money grab by the 1% who don’t want to share an economy with small businesses who practice real capitalism (which is ALWAYS in a competitive market). They hate competition because they suck and would fail in a truly open and free market where the BEST businesses succeed because of merit, quality and service. And they want the whole pie to themselves without having to be prove themselves worthy.

Lockdowns, or what the Rockefeller Foundation called “Lockstep” a few years back are the tool they are using in 2020 to herd everyone into the future they have planned for us.


It has already been implemented this year, but everyone is too distracted by the surface stormy weather to look deeper at what lies beneath it, waiting for us to become so weakened we need their help to survive..


Check out the corporate and organizational Partners of the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset here. This list is infuriating.

Klaus Schwab and his central banker handlers are soulless psychopaths, but they are mad genius villains who are masters in mind control. Those who are susceptible to high tech mind control tactics, and there are millions, cannot see or understand what is happening. It is a huge blind spot for many. I am now convinced that the brainwashed masses are victims more than they are willfully ignorant jerks (like I used to think). All of humanity is under a huge psyop-spell -cast by technocrats with Nazi tendencies who really know what they’re doing. They have been perfecting their Borg mind-control tactics for centuries. It is very sad and also extremely terrifying.

The “Big Three” controls just about every company in this country: BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street investment funds are huge players across the board and globally.

The One Banking Dynasty That Rules Them All controls the Big Three. It’s in their SECs. And the central banker’s black-ops spooks, the organized crime families/cartels who run the black market for the big bosses on top, control just about every influencer, in every industry, with rewards and/or blackmail.

Isn’t it time to wake up to the truth of what is happening? This is the Great Reset. This is Agenda 30.

We are in the process of losing all of our rights and liberty to the soulless pyramid ponzi villains who have spent generations (+++) infiltrating every nook and cranny of our world. This is really happening. The Great Reset has begun, and we all know there is only one way to stop it. DIVINE INTERVENTION!

Everyone, PRAY!


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4 thoughts on “The Great Reset, CV19 Lockdowns, and the Villain Banksters Who Control Everything

  1. It is really this simple. So, why does it seem the whole world is deceived?

    We have the numbers. This thing could be over in a day.

    1. The central bankers (all seeing eye in the pyramid) have extremely advanced technology they use against people to mind control them. Everyone is mind controlled into not seeing the truth. It is scary!!!

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