Obama Cabal Blew It and Scramble to Save Their Own Tails

Obama Cabal Blew It and Scramble to Save Their Own Tails

Anyone who has been following all of the Obama Criminal Cabal’s conspiracies, scandals, dirty dealings, and treasonous acts is now getting a pretty clear answer to the question, “Why have the Democrats behaved so disgracefully and erratically the last 4 years?”

I believe that the Democrat’s TDS rage was never really about Trump. And it isn’t even rage they’re feeling, it’s FEAR. Think about it. Even an extreme difference in political views does not cause such unbridled emotion in seasoned politicians.

The truth is, they can’t play cool so they fake outrage instead. It’s always the same for those who have committed crimes and want to avoid doing the time. It’s self preservation; they’re desperate to save their own asses. But just look at them. They cannot wipe the guilt and FEAR off their transparent faces!

Many if not most Democrats have been off in Bonkers Land since the 2016 campaign. Only now do we know why. High ranking Democrats and their allies in Mainstream Media made the genius decision to conspire and collaborate with their fellow genius, Hillary Clinton in her scheme to paint Trump as a Russian asset in order to distract voters from her Uranium One scandal.

This crazy story could read straight from a political espionage novel! Hillary Clinton, the Obama Administration, US intelligence, along with the full collaboration of the media, Hollywood and Big Tech, ran a vicious smear campaign against Donald Trump, all at taxpayer’s expense. One day the truth will be seen objectively, with the distance of time, and everyone will know: We have all been victims of TREASON.

This is, without question, the most scandalous political story in modern history. Yet here it is, 2020, and we’re forced to watch our president run for reelection against Joe Biden, a provable traitor of the Obama Cabal! Welcome to the banana republic, ussa!

So why Beijing Biden?

Remember what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders, who was the every-day liberal’s true choice. And what about Tulsi Gabbard? Or even Elizabeth Warren? Why on earth would they pick Joe Biden? He is literally the worst candidate imaginable.

I believe the criminal in chief et al needed Biden “installed” for the exact same reason they needed Clinton installed in 2016. Obama’s own cabal had to remain in the White House in order to fix and cover up all their sloppy crimes!

These bumbling fools didn’t tie up their loose ends in the Middle East, with Benghazi, Iran, Bin Laden etc. They were wide open for being caught, and overly confident in keeping the WH in 2016. They never anticipated the cocky outsider who promised to drain them actually winning!

Now, they can’t even see themselves, they are so overcome by emotion, but their panic is obvious to anyone who knows what they are (uhhh, criminals). They’ve gone and lost control of the narrative, and they can’t get it back. This is NOT how confident politicians who believe they’ll win an election behave!

Being that they’re only mid level management in the big scheme of things, I imagine they’re more worried about higher ups than American courts. They may be more expendable than they’d like us little people to know. They failed on a grand scale, and IMO they may be allowed to reap what they sowed.

Enter Trump stage right, ruining their perfect opportunity to whitewash all the bad things they did. In dramatic Trump fashion, he is making them wait and wait and wait and wait…to face the public outing of their treasonous actions. The waiting is driving them over the edge, and now they are about to drain themselves, the corrupted swamp creatures they are.

The curtain is rising. Is everyone paying attention yet? The showman is going to bring down the house!

In case you missed the story we broke about HRC’s deleted emails, here it is:


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