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1:51  There’s so many people let’s go, this shit’s ours

1:59  I can’t believe this is reality. We accomplished this shit together. This is history, we are all part of this history

3:14  Let’s go! Come on, beautiful beautiful let’s go, get up here!

3:29  They’re climbing up the wall! Let’s go! You guys are savage!

4:13  Give me your hand bro, you got it, dude that was awesome good job, don’t worry, gotta get in

4:30  Let’s burn this shit down

5:04  We gotta get inside now

5:42  Is that a gun? Oh it’s rubber bullets? Who cares, it’s just a rubber bullet, it does hurt, but no reason to run

6:53  We gotta get this shit burned

8:05  Let’s go down

8:25  (to police officer) Bro we’re just recording bro, c’mon, you’re not stopping anything from happening…I’m just recording events

9:01  I’m just trying to record I’m just I’m just filming…is there freedom of press in here, no freedom of press now know what I’m saying?

10:47  You’re just going to like detain us right here? Like bro, you can’t

12:58  (crowd chant) Usa usa usa

13:35  This is a surreal scene. Holy shit. What reality is this? Oh my god we did this shit. We took this shit What’s up bro? Fucking yeah fuck yeah, fucking

14:10 (film-maker bangs on window)

14:12 (other film-maker) Don’t do that

14:15  My bad, well they already broke the window so you know, I didn’t know I hit it that hard

14:21  No one got that on camera

15:34  (entering Capitol dome) Daaaaammmn… 

15:39  Oooh! This is 2021 y’all. This is insanity. Holy shit. What is this? What is life? What it’s life right now? I’m shook, I’m shook at this. What is this painting, I forget what it’s called do you know?

16:01  (anonymous person) I don’t even know but we in this mother f**ker, tell um we here, Bugzie the Don in the building!

16:07  Gang shit bro

16:17  (anonymous person) Make sure you follow me on Instagram too

16:19  Likewise bro, what’s your Instagram?

16:20  (anonymous person) Bugziethedon, B-U-G-Z-I-E-T-H-E-D-O-N

16:25  Bet. J-a-y-d-e-n-X, look for me, JaydenX

16:44  I never would have imagined that we would be here

16:55  (other film-maker: You were right, we did it! (main film maker) Dude, I was trying to tell you, I,  I couldn’t say much. (other film-maker) You were right, ha, oh my gosh (main film maker) Is this not going to be the best film you’ve ever made in your life?

17:13  (other film-maker) oh you weren’t recording right? (main film maker) I’ll delete that shit, but I didn’t record you or me, just voices

17:27  This is our house mother f**kers!

17:52  (person in crowd) Do not deface the statues!

17:58  I can respect…Well, people might burn this down, I’m not gonna lie, so it might be too late for that

18:15  Damn, this is surreal. This is real life though. This seems like a movie. This is real life. This is revolution

18:29  You guys treasure this moment

19:35  (crowd chant) Stop the steal, stop the steal…

19:57  I’m ready, bro, I ain’t playing bro, I’ve been to too many riots, I’ve been in so many riots, you can’t come out here without…

20:12  The point of fighting right now is kind of ridiculous for them (them=police), we’re not against them

20:20  (crowd chant) We want Trump, we want Trump…

20:55  (to police officer) Nobody should get hurt. You know I’m saying, people got hurt downstairs, ya’ll are putting your selves in harm’s way, I’m recording, but I’m just trying to tell you, the mob of people, you don’t want that…the people have spoken…there’s too many people, you just gotta stand down, the people out there that tried to do that shit, they got hurt, I’m just caring for you

22:26  (police officer) The military is on their way so if I were you guys I would go…

22:28  There are so many people, they’re not going to shoot everybody, their not

22:44  (police officer) I don’t want anyone to get hurt, you don’t want to get hurt, I don’t want to get hurt

22:48  I don’t have control over that

25:09  I know you gotta do your job man but I’m just looking out for everybody here

25:15  (Trump supporter with mega phone) Everybody just needs to calm down ok, we can go into this room if we are calm and if we are committed to non-violence ok? Let’s go into this room quietly and calmly

26:13  (crowd starts pushing forward) Oh it’s started, it’s started! I told you, they’re going, they’re going! (to police officer trying to hold crowd back) Just stop bro, I would just stop, dude, dude,  you’re not helping you’re not helping, you’re going to get me hurt and other people, I would just stop

26:39  (Trump supporter) No violence!

26:41  It’s, it’s too late for that…they don’t listen without that

27:09  (random person in crowd) We need to remain calm now

27:13  F**k that shit, push!

27:51  There’s officers at the door

29:10  (crowd chant) Stop the steal, stop the steal…(random person in crowd) Knock the windows out with kevlar!

29:32  Hey guys I have a knife, I have a knife, let me up…

30:25  (Anonymous person speaking to main camera guy) They went to go get backup…getting arrested…

30:30  That’s why I’m a photographer, that’s why you gotta have an idea, you gotta have a ploy bro, I mean, both of ya, it’s ok though you’ll be fine, it’s only a little jail time…I do this all the time

31:29  Let’s go. Let’s go…pull that mother f**ker out this b*tch

31:40  (crowd chant) Break it down, break it down…

32:10  Why don’t we go there? That’s what I’m sayin, break that shit. Does somebody have music? Damn, it would be fire if somebody had like a boombox or something, revolutionary music and shit

32:32  That sh*t’s spicy as fuck

33:00  I’ve never seen anything crazier. (crowd) Open the door! Open the door!

33:14  I have a knife. Let me through I got a knife, I got a knife, I got a knife

34:04  (to police officer) We want you to go home, I’m recording, and there’s so many people, their going to push their way up here, bro, I see people out there get hurt, I don’t want to see you get hurt we will make a path, dead ass

34:15  I see people out there get hurt. I don’t want to see you get hurt, we will make a path, dead ass, please just let us make a path

34:30  Go go! Let’s go! Get that sh*t!

34:43  (Crowd starts smashing door glass in attempt to break through)

34:50  Yo there’s a gun! There’s a gun! There’s a gun!

35:05  (Gun shot)

35:10  Shots fired! Shots fired!

36:09  She got shot, she’s done, she’s dead, she’s dead, her eye’s, the light faded out, she’s dead

37:06  She’s dead she’s dead bro, she’s done

37:17  (police officer) Space, space! Give her space right now

37:32  (police officer) Get the f*ck back! She’s going to f**king die, do you want to be next?!

37:50  Ya’ll bout to shoot everybody?

38:02  She’s dead, she’s dead…I saw the light go out in her eyes

38:10  (unknown person) You saw the light go off? What happened bro? Tell the world…She got shot in the neck? This individual says he actually saw her die

38:32  I have the video, I have the video of the guy with the gun, and shooting her

38:36  (unknown person) Ok, I want to get with you, I’m with, have you ever heard of that? 

38:42  I haven’t but I’ll look it up…

38:45  (unknown person) need that footage man, it’s going to go out to the world, and change so much39:02  I can’t believe I saw somebody die. I saw someone die


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