40% of Democratic Voters Happy President Contracted COVID 19, 40% Indifferent

40% of Democratic Voters Happy President Contracted COVID 19, 40% Indifferent

No surprise here. Democrats are demanding a one party government, and are at war against America and Americans. They view President Trump, and his supporters, as their enemies. Feeling rage and hate for one’s enemies isn’t a new phenomenon, so why is everyone so surprised? Maybe it is time for us patriots to admit the inconvenient truth: This isn’t elections or politics as usual. We are at WAR. This is the fight of our lives to save our Republic!

From the Epoch Times:

Four out of 10 Democrat voters are happy President Donald Trump contracted COVID-19, according to a new poll.

Asked how they feel about the recent diagnosis, 40 percent of Democrat respondents told Morning Consult they’re happy. Respondents were able to choose more than one emotion. About the same percentage of Democrats said they were indifferent.

The top emotions listed by Republican respondents were sadness and worry. About a quarter of Democrat respondents said they were sad while about 14 percent of GOP respondents said they were happy.

Forty percent of respondents overall said the word “surprised” described them “very” or “somewhat” well. That was the third-most pick for both Republicans and Democrats. More here..


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