Why Millions Voted for Evil NWO Villains

Why Millions Voted for Evil NWO Villains

If you are anything like me, you were probably shocked that millions of Americans actually went out and voted for a man that any decent person can see is unethical and corrupt to the core. That so many Americans hate President Trump more than they love their country or their own freedom is quite alarming and disheartening! This is something I feel needs to be addressed by the Patriots, if we are to save America from the ungodly and evil communist ideology that’s taken root here.

I am just going to say it: The reason I think the democrat voters are falling for such utter nonsense from media, big tech and the NWO communists and globalists who have taken over their party, is because their souls/consciences are blocked from the Light (Truth/Logos/Logic). Does this sound a bit woo woo? Possibly. Allow me explain why my argument is sound, in psychological, biological and Spiritual terms, too.

As a deeply Spiritual woman who has for decades studied, in school and out, Western Philosophy, Ethics, World Religion, Religious and Political Cults, Eugenicism and Social Engineering, Propaganda and Psychology used as a weapon against the masses, I would like to share my understanding of why I believe that millions voted for NWO villains!

The Habit of Wrong Action Leads to the Fall of Self

When a person makes a regular habit of taking wrong/unethical/immoral/sinful action regularly, their soul grows dim and they lose their spiritual eyes (Eyes to See). My claim is based in science, psychology and spirituality because it is all connected- and I will tell you why.

For starters, all action is energy. The toxic energy that results from causing unnecessary harm to others creates more toxicity. Eventually, when such action becomes commonplace and habitual, the individual’s CONSCIENCE (the part of human awareness that knows right from wrong action) becomes clouded over. When this happens, a deep ignorance of self and world sets in.

Origin and meaning of conscience

One cannot be self-aware without a functioning Conscience.

When Conscience is eroded by habitual, unethical action, unconscious behavior becomes the norm, and manifests in the individual as projection, hypocrisy, willful ignorance, psychological instability and eventually even complete madness.

The madness caused by the erosion of Conscience can become so dark and negative that a kind of “possession” transpires, where the inner demons of the psyche (unconscious archetypal forces), take deep root in the mind, making the affected individual appear diabolical or even evil to any psychologically healthy onlookers.

The tragic state of a darkened Conscience is not an easy place to come back from!

Even brain scans show a lack of activity in the prefrontal lobe of the brain of a person who possesses sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies. What this means is that when a person, even when unaware, goes down the path of wrong or unethical action, they may be giving themselves actual brain damage that may deeply affect moral intelligence…in the part of the brain that matters most to their humanity!

With an erosion of Conscience, a person loses the ability to think rationally, logically, empathetically or compassionately. They become empty shells of who they once were, sometimes even unrecognizable to family and friends.

Inside the Mind of a

What we are talking about here is the long term habit of causing harm without Conscience. We are not talking about the occasional bad choice that we regret and take responsibility for. No one is perfect, but the tried and true practice of consciously avoiding causing unethical harm aligns our biology, minds and will with Nature, Natural Law and TRUTH/LOGOS…as our Creator intended.

Without Moral Intelligence, no matter how smart we are, or how high our IQ is, we become no better than a robot or a soulless meat golem when we lose our Conscience via the habit of wrong action!

“Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience.”― George Washington

Conscience is the seat of the soul. It is the part of our being that knows right from wrong, and can both connect with Divine, and with our own higher self/ soul as well. It is where Wisdom grows, and where we can most experience that we were created in the “Image of God!”

The dark overlords who push their NWO agenda know this.

This is why the dark overlords at the top of the world’s power pyramid require any influencer – who desires fame, fortune and a platform- to SACRIFICE their own Conscience, as an initiation into their powerful club. Countless people with talent, genius and/or beauty, even those who may have once been very decent people, have sold their souls at the crossroads in this way.

Those who fall into the trap of habitual wrong doing, become biologically, mentally and psychologically disabled, eventually rendering themselves unable to feel empathy or care regarding the consequences of their own unethical actions. It becomes all about “what’s in it for ME,” with no desire to give love unconditionally. They become inhibited in giving or even feeling true love and care. However, they learn how to fake it to get what they want.

With a total lack of loyalty, faithfulness and honor, those without Conscience are quick to betray those who trust them most.

Those who make the decision to use sex, or lie, cheat and manipulate their way to the top destroy their Conscience by doing so. And those who look the other way when powerful and wealthy “friends” and business associates abuse children or partake in other immoral activities destroy their entire humanity by doing so!

Selfishness, the lust for power-over others, and the willingness to win, climb the success ladder, or accumulate wealth and power at any cost are universally common in those who lack empathy and conscience. And those who fit this description will often do anything to bring good people down to their level; the more worldly power they have, the easier that feat will be for those most vulnerable to temptation!

Just look at both sides of the aisle in DC to witness this full throttle!

When the brain no longer processes empathy correctly, Love – and the higher emotions and cognitive states- get disabled (humility, respect, compassion, honor, bravery, loyalty, integrity, honesty, wisdom, grace, forgiveness, generosity, peacefulness etc). Bad people are miserable, hateful and mean because they can’t access their own loving nature anymore.

We all know these people. They are the abusers, bullies, liars, cheaters, stalkers, harassers and gaslighters that we can’t trust to be in our inner circles. Their inner corruption is palpable, and we have to watch our backs with them, as well as our feelings, and the energy, time and commitment we give them.

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Those who lack conscience, lack virtue -and those who lack virtue are energy vampires. They will suck you dry and leave you confused and hurt if you allow them to!

Many have learned the hard way that not everyone deserves our trust, and that trusting the untrustworthy can be a huge waste of time! In fact, many “nice” people who think that turning the other cheek means trusting wrong doers, and allowing them back into their lives over and over, wind up creating a lot of chaos and drama. The toxic sludge that unethical people carry around with them is contagious! This is how many people become corrupted in business and personal relationships. Strong boundaries always surround and protect the Wise!

It is ALL by design!

The grand agenda of the communist activists and the dark overlords they serve has been to destroy America, Capitalism and Western Civilization. This agenda goes back many decades, even generations, and could have never done this much damage to our country without first chipping away at the very principles that define us as a nation. By encouraging, teaching, justifying, and celebrating not only unethical action, but outright evil, domestic enemies and agents of evil have almost completely taken us over with their “long coup” to a communist NWO.

Those who can’t differentiate right from wrong expose themselves in all their words and actions, every day. They make a habit of choosing the wrong action – to lie, cheat, manipulate, abuse, harm, disrespect, steal, refuse responsibility for harmful actions, start rumors, back stab, sexually manipulate and use sex as a weapon, use people and discard them easily, disrespect informed consent, falsely advertise, use bullying and coercive tactics, threaten and gaslight etc etc.

But there is hope! Because of our great and heroic President Trump – and his master strategy to expose and drain the swamp, the wrong doers, both elected and nonelected, have literally exposed themselves for what they really are: SWAMP CREATURES.

And this I believe answers the question asked in the title of this piece, Why Did Millions Vote for Evil NWO Villains? I have described the Swamp Creatures, and why and how they sunk into their lowest nature.

I, for one, am grateful to see everyone’s true colors so clearly. Anyone who would be ok with full term abortion has no Conscience, and ANYONE with a functioning Conscience knows this. Yes, abortion at any stage is wrong, but outright acceptance and celebration of infanticide is one of the main indicators of a fallen people, and the most disturbing development in the new, communist controlled democrat party.

Millions of humans worldwide are headed in the direction of cultural acceptance of child and human sacrifice, pedophilia, cannibalism and the most evil tyranny one can imagine. And if these soulless minions take over our world, there will be nowhere to migrate to. They will take everything- if their DARK MASTER PLAN to dominate us prevails. They seek full Dominion/Dominus over us, and they must be stopped by the only ones who can stop them: People of Conscience, those who know right from wrong- US!

To end, I will say that I believe with all my heart and my own “Eyes that See” that President Trump won by a 70% landslide victory. I will never believe otherwise! And the silver lining of 2020 and all the hardship it has brought, is that the GOOD PEOPLE, those who know right from wrong, those have “eyes to See”- have been exposed by the Light, too! We are also millions strong, and this is worth celebrating!

We are now MAGA strong as American Patriots who love and honor Truth/Logos, Liberty and Justice for ALL. Our future, even in this dark and uncertain time, has never been so bright and hopeful as it is now! Good wins! God wins! We win!

WWG1WGA! God bless you all!


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