Welcome to the First World Revolution

Welcome to the First World Revolution

Civil War or Revolution, what is the difference? In a Revolution there are no safe spaces! That is not a play on words or a modern euphemism, it is quite literally the difference between what people speculate may happen and what will likely happen in today’s world of political turmoil.

In the United States Civil War (1861–1865) the lines of demarcation changed frequently yet were easily defined in the moment; but in the American Revolution and every Revolution thereafter there were no such territorial boundaries. City could be pitted against city, neighbor vs. neighbor, and even family member vs. family member. (Benjamin Franklin and his only son never reconciled after the American Revolution.)

Today we find ourselves sitting at the precipice of the First World Revolution. In the United States we over simplify things by saying that it’s political turmoil of Republicans against Democrats, in Europe Brexit rolls along, the Yellow-Vest protests in France continue, and COVID lockdown protests in Germany and Italy have become violent. Revolutions are fought when the people take back their sovereignty from the governments that they had acquiesced to in the past. That appears to be exactly what is happening today. The people of the world are fighting against “Globalism,” which is the current “politically correct” name for Communism.

There has been a movement to install communism throughout the world since the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. I would argue that the movement began in the United States in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve, Federal Income Tax, and rescinding the ability of the individual States to recall their Senators from Washington D.C. Without regard to when it started, few would argue that the efforts have not grown over time. The “Democratic Socialists” have openly adopted the platform of Communism and use word manipulations and an ever-changing narrative to call it something else. If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck … it’s a DUCK!

The steps to create a “Communist Utopia” have been clearly laid out over the years:

Healthcare: If you control the healthcare you control the people.

Debt: Increase debt to unsustainable levels. This will allow the Government to increase taxes, produce more poverty, and further control the people.

Poverty: Increase the poverty level as high as possible. Poor people are easier to control and less likely to attack the source of their survival.

Gun Control: Remove the ability for citizens to defend themselves from their Government, thus allowing for the creation of a police state.

– Welfare: Take control of every aspect of their lives and survival: food, housing, healthcare, income.

 Education: Control what people listen to; control what children are taught in school. Emphasize progressive ideals only.

– Religion: Remove people’s belief in God from Schools and Government. No ideology or authority can supersede the authority of the State.

– Class Warfare: Divide the people into warring factions: wealthy vs. poor. This will foster further discontent, animosity, and justify raising taxes necessary for the redistribution of income through social programs.

These “Steps” are taken from Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals published in 1971 and adopted as a road map by many of our most powerful politicians including George H.W. Bush, Bill and Hilary Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. It should be noted that every point in this plan has been accomplished to greater or lesser degrees in the past 50 years, and these pervasive tactics have been employed at every level of government. The fight is real.

One cannot overcome their adversary if they cannot first identify them. Let us look at our world today in contrast to when Saul Alinsky’s book was published. In 1970 the American dream was often described as getting a college education, landing a job or career where one could have a sense of fulfillment and earn a competitive wage and in many cases a pension; to improve their standard of living, culminating in owning their home outright and enjoying a peaceful retirement where they could sustain that standard of living. Our stores stocked their goods well in advance in hopes of selling their wares and meeting the needs and desires of the community. Our towns, villages, and cities sustained the infrastructure and sought to improve community services through paving and maintaining roads, expanding libraries, and increasing the efficiency of waste removal services. The police and fire fighters were empowered to perform specific duties and were held accountable if those tasks were not completed or were done outside of the parameters described in their contracts. The citizens within these communities all participated in local PTA’s or insisted on at least having their neighbors acts as a liaison to the local school system. The Mayors and city counsels fought to maintain and improve the standard of living in their communities, making them more desirable to attract businesses and more affluent families. It was far from a perfect world, but it was predictable.

In contrast, today our colleges and universities have increased the cost of higher education to that of the average home, so when these kids graduate, they have a mortgage with no place to live. Furthermore, our government recently took over the oversight and servicing of this multi-trillion-dollar industry which ensures that the costs will continue to rise, and the individuals can no longer seek any type of relief through bankruptcy. Our government has encouraged offshore manufacturing, so work in those professions are in short supply, but big tech is booming in certain well-defined city centers where the cost of owning real estate is prohibitive to all but the most successful. Defined pension plans no longer exist outside of governmental jobs or political positions. Towns, villages, and cities have outsourced most of the municipal services through contracts; and government service unions have exploited the resources of every community. Single family homes are in short supply and Mayors and community leaders are giving preferential treatment to builders of multi-family dwellings. They have discovered that running a community is a “numbers game” whereby it doesn’t matter if the local population has a better standard or living, just having them present generates the money they want and need to become more powerful. The citizens no longer operate our government, but instead our government controls the citizens.

All of the above seemed for most of the average citizens to be a natural progression brought about by the advent of computers, the internet, “just in time” delivery systems, and the most fast and efficient communications systems that the world has ever known. For those that thought this to be true, and even for most that questioned whether this was “normal” they adapted, overcame, and made little to no effort to change things as long as they lived with relative safety and comfort, until 2010.

With the advent of the “Affordable Care Act” in the United States, many of the masses who had been “asleep” suddenly woke up when they realized that their healthcare was soon to be State controlled. A movement to educate the average citizen about Saul Alinsky’s plan grew and took on many faces. The Tea Party seemed to be the most notable, but there were many people and groups throughout the country that could see the writing on the wall. We were in the depths of a financial crisis, there were more enrolled in financial assistance (welfare) programs then ever before. Our government had record debt that few could fathom, and taxes had become more than burdensome to many. Small businesses were folding along with the large powerhouse companies, unemployment skyrocketed in all 50 States. We had rioting with “Occupy Wallstreet,” race riots in Oakland, and an “Arab Spring” had broken out in the middle east. Coincidently ammunition shortages seemed to be a new anomaly, and the government started to regulate magazine capacity and even the types of cartridges that could be used with the most popular modern sporting rifle. The parallels from world events to Alinsky’s plan could not be denied by the objective observer, a populist movement was born.

People started to network in groups of like-minded individuals. They formed collective farming projects, preparedness communities, and off-grid homesteads. Many societies formed with their sole basis being that something was wrong even if they could not identify exactly what it was that they were sensing.

The technology that lulled many to sleep also woke up some unsuspecting forgotten people world-wide. In 2013 Cody Wilson uploaded the designs to 3-D print the “liberator pistol” to the internet. Other designs for many firearms were also uploaded as “share-ware” files available for anyone to access and build firearms without the regulations of government. In Western Europe, where gun ownership of nearly any kind is illegal, there are groups like “Deterrence Dispensed” formed expressly to empower people to protect their freedom of speech by enacting their freedom to bear arms. (Neither of which are guaranteed by their governments.) They have uploaded further designs of firearms like the FGC-9, a 9mm carbine which stands for F*ck Gun Control, along with hundreds of others to be shared world-wide. This and many other groups actively teach people how to build their own firearms and manufacture their own ammunition. This is in Western Europe where most Americans think everyone is docile and enjoying their socialist governments. Movements like Deterrence Dispensed are popping up all over the world, and their memberships are growing. These are not militia’s as they are commonly thought of; these are groups that have no political ideology, but instead have a reverence for sovereignty. The rights of individuals first, and then the rights of groups, collectives, or nations to follow; but the rights of the individuals are foundational. While assemblages like this are commonly banned from social networking sites, their word spreads internationally through sponsorships and endorsements by individual websites. Communications are almost always encrypted through programs like KeyBase, Signal, and others, and members strictly maintain their anonymity. Their philosophy by design, is that if/when one person is compromised, another will quickly take their place. Natural leaders will inspire others, but there is no hierarchy, so there are no prioritized targets for tyrannical forces to center their sights on.

The neighborhood watch has gone global, and it is on steroids. Many collectives have and continue to study the tactics of Che Guievera, The Irish Republican Army, The Weather Underground, and several other covert Guerrilla tacticians from all over the world including the U.S. Special Forces. Most of these groups are made up of peace-loving individuals and families. They want to be left alone; and to have the opportunities to live fulfilling lives and create a better standard of living for their children. Still, they have become hyper aware of their surroundings and the circumstances of the world. They witness the anomalies of strange bedfellows. Things like Antifa teaming up with the police in Germany to impose restrictions and curfews for COVID on the greater population. They balk when the media reports that Antifa is “right wing,” and the BLM wants only peaceful equality of opportunity. These people know better, and having witnessed the atrocities of the past, they are preparing for the worst.

The coming revolution like those of the past will consist of three distinct groups; those of the oppressor, those of the liberators, and those that want no part in the fray. In some cases the oppressor seem to be the currently installed governments, and in others it may be a faction of government that believes or announces itself to be more legitimate, but in all cases the oppressive party aligns themselves with “globalism.” Whether in the United States of America, or any of the many nations in Western Europe, the lines are seemingly drawn, and either freedom and liberty, or subservient oppression will prevail.

What are you doing? What anomalies have you noticed? Which of the three positions will you take when the SHTF?


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