VIDEO: Young Minority Trump Voters Respond To Being Called “Traitors”

VIDEO: Young Minority Trump Voters Respond To Being Called “Traitors”

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Authored by Jezzamine Wolk via Campus Reform,

Campus Reform spoke with young minority college students who plan to vote for President Donald Trump. 

For part three of the four-part series, students condemn the narrative that they are “traitors” to their community.

Each student interviewed said that they have faced criticism for their political beliefs and that many times it comes from White liberals.

“I’m not trying to put down White people, but it usually is a White liberal who comes up to me and tries to tell me all Black people need to x,” said Wayne State University senior Christopher Gaffrey. 

“That’s the same mentality that kept people of color, and like you and other people, oppressed for countries and all over the world,” he added.

University of Utah student Seodam Kwak said,

“They believe that your identity basically dictates your political view.”



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