The Rock Thinks Child Molestation is Funny?

The Rock Thinks Child Molestation is Funny?

As most of you know by now, pro wrestler and actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has officially thrown his support behind Joe Biden, and especially Kamala Harris, who he enthusiastically called a “certified badass.”

If, like me, you like comedy that isn’t politicized and full of TDS hate, you probably missed Johnson’s 2017 appearance hosting Saturday Night Live.

In this episode, he performed a sketch playing “Roy,” the inventor of a child molesting robot named Robo Chomo, who “can rape twice as many children in half the time.” Chomo is a slang prison term that refers to convicted child molesters.

In the sketch, “Roy the Inventor” tells the judges of an evil invention competition how he got the robot to rape children: “You start by building a regular robot, then you molest it and hope that it continues the cycle.” Take a look for yourself:

What is it with these “Never Trumper” celebrities and their connections with child sex trafficking, or in this case, their blatant disregard and downplaying of child rape? What kind of person thinks jokes about pedophilia are funny? The Rock apparently does.


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