The CCP and their Deep State Allies and Puppets Want to Destroy Your Life Forever

The CCP and their Deep State Allies and Puppets Want to Destroy Your Life Forever

We are under attack by domestic and foreign enemies who want to destroy America and everything we stand for.

There has never been a more appropriate reason to invoke the Insurrection Act, declare Martial Law and force a revote. Nothing so treacherous and treasonous has ever happened to our Republic anywhere close to this degree before. Make sure to sign the petition for a revote here.

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The CCP and all of their Globalist allies are maneuvering for world domination, using the China Virus lockdowns, with severe draconian mandates intended to destroy small business capitalism, to initiate their “Great Reset.” This will spawn a whole new economic and social credit system across the planet, and be the beginning of the end for all of humanity as well. Genocide always follows Totalitarian takeovers. This is a fact.

The World Economic Forum, a Soros partnered international organization, communicates openly about their agenda to reset humanity back to pre-industrial times. There are no people at the end of this video – just wilderness, for a reason. It’s Agenda 30, a massive depopulation crusade “for the greater good and to save the Earth, which humans are guilty of destroying.” Not all humans, of course. Not them.

“There is no election fraud and Trump is the one staging a coup d’état.

A coup or coup d’état is the removal of an existing government from power, usually through violent means and by usurpers originating from within a country’s institutions. Typically, it is an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a political faction, the military, or a dictator.

They sure are a clever bunch. Pretending to be innocent -pretending that thousands of allegations from American citizens are baseless as they steal our election right in front of our eyes.

Our vote does not count to them because we do not count to them. We are the least essential of all because we love our country and our great President.

A short list of their intentions as our rulers:

  • They plan to force vaccinations on every one of us, keep us in perpetual lockdown mode and strictly monitor and mandate our travels and every little move.
  • They will redistribute all of our possessions, to give to those they claim we owe because of our ancestors or political affiliations.
  • They will forbid any and all dissenting thoughts, words and actions.
  • They will abolish all private property rights, body ownership central to all property rights (Communism is the enemy of Capitalism, which is the economic system based on property rights).
  • They will own everything, and loan us what they believe we are worthy of.
  • They will rule us with an iron fist, and we will be agree to be their slaves if we want to live in their system. And their “reset” system will cover every inch of this planet.

This is happening. We ALL need to see it, even the ignorant and brainwashed need to see it. We are all in this together. The NWO won’t be not-horrible for anyone but the ruling class.

If you think it’s just the Democrats, think again. This rot is systemic like no other rot in our system, and most people in our government are owned and corrupted by it. Every institution and industry has been infiltrated by domestic and foreign enemies. CCP elite brag about how they own our government. Watch this:

We are AMERICANS! This insane and inhumane agenda that’s being aggressively pushed on us without our consent is diabolical and unacceptable to any good person. These are evil people who lack conscience and decency. To them we are just “eaters” blocking their endgame to dominate our world.

Patriots: In the end, there will only be one way to avoid the nightmarish fate we are facing. That is for Americans and all freedom loving people to stand up and fight for what is OURS, and what is our children’s. The sooner everyone realizes what is happening and what is at stake, the easier it will be to take the action needed to defend our Republic from the most wicked and deranged enemies this world has ever faced.

I will end by sharing this inspiring video by a fellow Patriot who knows what is at stake. This is the ONLY kind of unity we need right now. Unity with fellow American Patriots and good Americans who love this country and our great Constitution, fully and absolutely reject this hostile takeover by traitors, and will NEVER surrender to them.

“You are not fighting alone! Hold the Line”


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