Scytl Server Seizure Confirmed, SC Justices’ Circuits Reassigned, Dominion Raided and US Armed Forces Tweets Grow Ominous (Oh my!)

Scytl Server Seizure Confirmed, SC Justices’ Circuits Reassigned, Dominion Raided and US Armed Forces Tweets Grow Ominous (Oh my!)

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It’s a mish-mash Friday because so much is either being revealed or hinted at that a one-topic article just won’t cut the mustard. So fasten your seatbelts. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Cast your mind all the way back to last Thursday (aka “ancient history”) when I wrote   Scytl Scuttled: Election Fraud Servers Seized By Huge U.S. Army Force in Frankfurt. I took a gamble on a rumor coming out of Spain, through Germany via Twitter and a lot of people gave me crap claiming, “Twitter isn’t a reliable news source.”

Really!?!  What do you suggest I use? The Mainstream media!?! Now there’s a brilliant thought. Today my gamble on the integrity of my fellow patriots was justified when Sidney Powell of “Release the Kraken” fame confirmed she’s hearing the same news. And that’s good enough for me.

Oh, we’re just getting started!

This morning while I was futilely hopping down a rabbit trail linking Mitt Romney’s son, Tagg Romney, to a company called Solamere which invested in H. I. G. Capital which invested in Hart Intercivic Voting Solutions which was used in Hamilton County, OH which Biden supposedly won, more apropos news was breaking.

Chiefly (oh, bad pun, bad pun) that today the Justices of the Supreme Court were shuffled with new assignments to specific Circuit Courts. This means that Brett Kavanaugh oversees Michigan, Amy Coney Barrett has Wisconsin, Samuel Alito takes Pennsylvania and Clarence Thomas, who administered the oath of office to President Trump for his first (of two!) terms as President, takes Georgia.

Well curl my pinkie and dunk me a crumpet. Aren’t those the very states rife with election fraud!?! What a coincidence.

But the good news doesn’t stop there.

Earlier today, twitter user @curiouscamo retweeted an interesting series of tweets from our Armed Forces and one from the Secret Service.

At 7:59 a.m. the Secret Service tweeted, “It is and it isn’t what you think it is from the movies. There are a lot of things that you’ll never know until you become one of us.”

At 8:09 a.m., the US Army tweeted, “Remain ready, remain lethal! …Soldiers to conduct thermal scanning during daytime & nighttime ops as well as seeing around corners or other obstacles with the use of the new technology system.”

At 2:00 p.m., the US Navy tweeted, “You can run, and we will catch you….”

At 3:07 p.m. the 1st Marine Division tweeted, “Got Your Six. …” which is interesting considering the Marine Corps are in a “gray area” of Posse Comitatus.

An idle reader might think, “Aw, ain’t that nice. They’re protecting us from enemies foreign.” Yes…and no! To me, all these tweets scream “enemies domestic.”

 “Dear Rats Fleeing Your Sinking Ship: Fuggetabout it. It’s over. We will catch you on land, on air, on sea. Come out with your paws up.”

Sound of swamp circling drain.

But there’s even more!

Again from citizen journalists, who are the only ones I trust, there’s a whisper that the Toronoto offices of Dominion Voting may have been raided last weekend.

Can I confirm it? No. I tried. More power to you if you can, but Google and Twitter are both being awfully tight-lipped about it.

Thanks to @curiouscamo who tweeted that Flight #N721AL identified as “Department of Jusice” flew off into the wild blue yonder from Manassas, VA on 11/15 destined for Toronto and returned on the 18th. Meanwhile a reporter photographed lights on in the (old) location of Dominion Voting System late at night that weekend and responded to questions about “a ruckus there” with the cryptic response, “There was a police search.”


That certainly jives with Dominion’s no show today at the Pennsylvania State Committee hearing they were scheduled to attend.

Meanwhile, almost half of Dominion employees on LinkedIn have deleted their profiles. (HINT: Like Kelly Dixon of #Sharpiegate Maricopa infamy, deleting stuff is a sure-fire signal of guilt. Just sayin’.)

I hear a lot of disgruntled patriots around the web complaining that the swamp isn’t being drained. Are you so sure of that!?! Personally, I hear a lovely swirling, sucking sound around the drain, growing louder every day since 11/3. And if you tot up all the arrests, convictions, resignations and deaths of very rich, powerful people over the last four years, I’d say President Trump has a jolly good start on draining the sludge, especially human traffickers.

Yes, he is saving the best for last.  It’s one of those things that can either be done fast…or it can be done right. If Trump had rushed it, he might’ve caught the little lonely goatherd marionettes but all the dirty, rotten rich puppet masters would’ve gotten away.

So he’s doing it slowly. Methodically. Like Gary Cooper said in Sergeant York, “Treat ’em like a flock of turkeys.” You hit the trailing, slow turkeys first so the leaders don’t realize they’re being picked off. That way, as Sergeant York explained in the movie, “a fella has a good chance of getting the whole flock.”

The Deep State like turkeys sure are dumb critters.


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