President Trump and Other Conspiracy Theorists are “Drivers of Misinformation,” Claims Gates Funded Study

President Trump and Other Conspiracy Theorists are “Drivers of Misinformation,” Claims Gates Funded Study

According to a study by Cornell “Alliance for Science,” titled, “Coronavirus Misinformation, Quantifying Sources and Themes in the Covid 19 Infodemic,” President Trump was “the largest driver of misinformation during the COVID pandemic to date.”

Why? Because he told people to “use disinfectants internally to cure the coronavirus,” and because of his “advocacy of unproven treatments such as hydroxychloroquine.”

Interesting, right?

The second biggest driver of misinformation, according to this Bill Gates funded study were the hoards of other tin foil hatters who spread misinformation through social media.

One wild example of misinformation was the claim that the “COVID pandemic was created to advance a “new world order/deep state.”

Unproven speculation about something so preposterous as a “new world order” has made the Covid 19 crisis really tough for the experts –says the experts!

The third most problematic misinformation they say was the conspiracy theory that the “global pandemic was a hoax perpetrated for political gain by the Democratic Party.

As if the Democratic Party would ever do something so scandalous and unlawful. Gasp!

The study also noted that many were spreading the accusation that covid 19 was a “bioweapon intentionally or accidentally released by a laboratory in Wuhan, China.”

[As an important side note if you have followed Dr. Yan’s claims; there are decent arguments that her accusations against China don’t totally add up. ]

Dr. Anthony Fauci gets high accolades in the study, which comes as no surprise; he did graduate first in his class from Cornell University’s medical school. Also, it should be noted for any tin foil hatters reading this, that Dr. Fauci has concerning connections with Bill Gates and the vaccination developer, Moderna. Some say this is a conflict of interests. Well, it’s definitely an interesting rabbit hole to go down.

Dr. Fauci was appointed to his position in the White House Coronavirus Task Force by President Trump, and has praised the president on numerous occasions for his leadership during the pandemic. President Trump has also praised Dr. Fauci. However, the study fails to mention this, as it fails to separate the media spin from source information and direct quotes by the president.

The Cornell study “tracked users’ shares of traditional media stories on social channels. The authors found that those posts elicited 36 million engagements on social media, 75 percent of them on Facebook. The “miracle cures” topic accounted for 42 percent of overall engagements.”

The so called “miracle cures” referred to here are the false claims that President Trump told people to drink bleach or some other disinfectant to cure their covid.

The fact that this Cornell study bases the results of their “study” on weaponized news stories (Propaganda) from networks financed and controlled by deep state, globalist interests, tells me everything I need to know.

It is disgraceful how pathetically low our most respected institutes of high education have sunk to, in their desperate attempts to both appease their sugar daddy handlers, and push their hard left agenda.

Do they not realize that errors in reasoning are obvious to those who can reason. Great job, guys! You can’t fool us all!

I will leave you with his charming message from Bill and Melinda Gates, two wonderful philanthropists who only want to save the world with their wealth and power. Right?


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