MUST WATCH DOCUMENTARY! American Republic vs Communist China

MUST WATCH DOCUMENTARY! American Republic vs Communist China

Join investigative journalist Simone Gao as she explores the unprecedented danger America now faces from the CCP. She will reveal how Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are used to hijack TikTok’s unique algorithm in order to efficiently spread targeted propaganda to American citizens. Through interviews with Chinese AI insiders and American military and technology experts, as well as deep research into the effectiveness of prior CCP propaganda efforts, Simone will uncover the extent of the danger TikTok represents. Does the U.S. have a plan to counter the CCP? And is it enough to save the Republic?

Tik Tok, owned by the Chinese company, ByteDance, was started 2 years ago, and already has over two billion downloads worldwide, and 100 million active users US.

“Jack,” a tech and AI expert, and former employee of Huawei, is interviewed in the documentary, says, “The first time you open [Tik Tok], it doesn’t know what you like. It will recommend some defaults but those pages are decided by your locale. When you register, it also asks you to make some simple selections. It guesses what your age is, your gender and also the version of your phone’s operating system, so it can vaguely confirm your identity. Through their data collection and their powerful algorithm, they can deliver the exact videos you like. Before you realize it, you are addicted to the information they deliver.”

Investigative journalist, Simone Gao, explains how Tik Tok starts collecting data the minute you download the app. It tracks the websites you’re browsing, how you type, and even your keystroke rhythms and patterns.

The app warns users before they download it that it has full access to photos, videos, contact information of your friends stored in the device’s address book. It tracks everywhere you go, using IP address and GPS coordinates, providing app with precise location when you are working, voting, attending protests, traveling or picking up milk from the grocery store. 

The documentary stresses the differences in the way that data is handled by Chinese companies compared to the way data is handled by American and Western companies.

Google and other American and Western tech companies collect information to improve their marketing, but there are major limitations because of privacy laws.

The CCP – through the companies they are in control of – collects data to improve their algorithm. But because there are no personal privacy laws in China – (because remember, Communism is the abolishment of private property rights, which means no rights to privacy or anything at all), Chinese big tech companies collect every single piece of information they can from its customers, in order to train their deep learning models to be perfect.

The US and Western companies cannot compete with them because of laws that protect individual private property and privacy rights. Privacy laws in the West say if one company has ten different apps with information collected by each app, that information can only be used by each app. You cannot combine the personal data that has been mined, or interrelate them to synthesize entirely new data. Doing so is significantly restricted in the US and the West.

But for Chinese companies there are no such rules. This is why Chinese companies such as Tik Tok can give better recommendations to their customers. Without privacy and property rights, the CCP and the companies they control have full access to their “customers” minds, so they can manipulate them however they want.

They collect your data, and they know who you are. All so they can manipulate you to think what they want you to think. 

According to “Jack,” Byte Dance is a data vacuum entity – not only from its popular apps, but also from its text partners. The purpose of their advanced AI algorithm is to encourage a compulsive addiction to the app. 

Make no mistake; Tik Tok represents the model that the CCP is using to influence and control the whole world


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