Great Find: Rothschild’s Riddler is Behind a Batty Wuhan Theory

Great Find: Rothschild’s Riddler is Behind a Batty Wuhan Theory

Timely article from 4/2020

Reposted from By Yoichi Shimatsu at Rense

News Flash – You read it here long before any other news source in this series opposed to the official cover-up of COVID-19 as a weapon of biological warfare. Just now, the world’s most respected microbiologist Dr. Luc Montagnier, the discoverer of HIV, has come out with his lab’s findings that indeed SARS-COV2 (COVID-19) was bio-engineered, without a shadow of doubt.

“With my colleague, bio-mathematician Jean-Claude Perez, we carefully analyzed the description of the genome of this RNA virus,” explains Luc Montagnier, interviewed by Dr Jean-François Lemoine for the daily podcast at Pourquoi Docteur, adding that others have already explored this avenue. Thank you for mentioning that, I’m happy to take credit where it’s due, right here at

As whether the HIV link might have come from a COVID-19 patient with AIDS, Dr. Montagnier replied, “No, in order to insert an HIV sequence into this genome, molecular tools are needed and that can only be done in a laboratory.”

His definitive finding confirms the (suppressed) finding by University of Delhi and Indian Institute of Technology’s discovery of four HIV inserts in one of the earliest samples from Wuhan. Through a message I was informed that their joint team was told, pressured, ordered to withdraw their findings from circulation, and so now their excellent work is vindicated completely.

As this series has repeatedly stressed, the splicing with HIV-proteins to accelerate viral replication in host cells was pioneered by Japanese microbiologist Yoshihiro Kawaoka at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, as boasted about in his team’s research paper published in the Journal of Virology issue of September 2011.

Gene researchers have yet to detect the spliced in m.Tuberculosis strand to counter the human immune system’s phagophage-sourced antibodies as a defense mechanism. It will be discovered, it’s just a matter of time for review of the gene sequence and protein structures.

Here again I should emphasize the complex procedures for assembly could not have been done at the National Institute of Virology in Wuhan. That diversionary accusation is part of a desperate cover-up of the design and production of SARS-COV version 2 at University of Wisconsin, the Canadian National Microbiology Lab and the Pirbright Institute with final inspection at Porton Down-DSTL. The aim of those gene modifications was to inflict a steady build-up of massive casualties in a bio-terrorist operation against the CISM World Military Games in Wuhan. The co-developers of this biological weapon are the UK, Japan and Israel, which are notably not members of the French-initiated CISM group of the armed forces of 100 nations. The present emergency military alert is the consequence of the sneak biowar attack that’s resulting in ever-mounting casualties. We must be patient and not overreact during a moment of crisis. Keep your wits about you.

Looking back to the mid-1980s AIDS contagion, I served as a reporter-editor for Pacific News in San Francisco, covering the controversy over HIV discovery between Robert Gallo at NIH who sneakily tried to steal the thunder from Lac Montaigne with the Pasteur Institute. The premier journalist on this issue, Randy Hilts, exposed the dirty tactics of the NIH-Gallo bid for a Nobel Prize, which involved Anthony Fauchi as a key participant in that failed attempt at rewriting the research record. Montaigne, who I met in a crowded auditorium, emerged triumphant and rightfully so.

Much later I did an interview with the Pasteur Institute’s project at University of Hong Kong, which was based on objective scientific methods, as opposed to the research fraud from the tainted British Masonic Lodge members in the regular faculty, who have since perpetrated the horseshoe bat hoax in an MI-6 attempt to pin the blame for COVID-19 on the Wuhan Institute of Virology rather than the British bio-war operation based in Canada and the UK. The Brits have reasons to fear being outed.

Here, in Part 19, I examine the batty chieftain of the propaganda and disinformation campaign of denial of a British role. Yet another salvo is needed against ZeroHedge and the Falung Gong’s Epoch Times, and I can only warn these sorts of liars that the Truth shall out! Mes felicitations, cher maestro savant Professor Montaigne! You’ve done it in style again!

Meet the originator of the bat theory of corona virus transmission to humans at Wuhan, Viscount Matthew “Matt” White Ridley, whose ancestral duchy is in Northumberland, near the border with Scotland and ancient haven of boy-abducting Danish looters and cut-throats. Although unfamiliar to most of the world as a Who’s Who, Ridleyis an influential voice on science issues where it matters most, London, the hub of the global English-language press and political center of the Commonwealth.

Ridley has served as a science columnist and U.S. editor for the Economist, when the influential magazine was under direct hands-on editorial control of its publisher Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, former chairman of the NM Rothschild Bank. After returning to London, Ridley has been a science columnist for the Telegraph and the Murdoch dynasty’s Times of London as well as penning the weekly “Mind and Matter” column for the Wall Street Journal. Not bad for someone whose highest earned degree was a bachelor’s in biology, at Oxford, with a graduation paper on pheasants (an aristocratic game bird for shooting parties and peasant boys afterward for a roll in the hay). He’s never done anything as lowly and tiresome as the laboratory work of cleaning cages and injecting mice.

Instead of persisting at slow-going bio-research, the Viscount is at heart an opportunist and con artist after fast results and quick returns. An infamous chapter of high finance began with his start-up of Northern Rock Bank based in Newcastle on Tyne, which soon went bust in the first run on a British bank in 150 years. The spectacular failure of his bank, while he walked away with a personal fortune, was conveniently blamed on the 2008 subprime crisis rather than cronyism. David Cameron’s Labour government had to clean up the mess through nationalization, using taxpayers’ pounds sterling to pay back depositors and prevent a panic causing more banks to collapse. To shift the blame from his own weak shoulders, the redheaded woodpecker emerged as a bitter foe of state intervention, diverting public attention by pointing out wormholes in ye olde oak tree as if that compensated for his own wrongdoing.

Unfortunately his platform is not a soapbox in Hyde Park but a hereditary seat in the House of Lords. His condemnation of government interference put him in good stead with the Rothschild dynasty, licking its chops at the prospect of privatization of the public British Health Service into a private-owned HMO, a prospective boon for the Rothschild-invested pharmaceutical industry. That tribe already has a stranglehold on the energy sector with control over BP and Royal Dutch Shell, so legal drug addiction is its next horizon, a family tradition rooted in the opium trade forced upon China.

Spooky Pseudo-Science

His battle cry is “Innovation”, specifically GMO everything, Monsanto Round-up pesticide, and the triage of genomics, biotechnology and stem-cell research on humans. The Viscount has installed his American wife with a generous grant into the University of Newcastle. Anya Hurbert, a Houston-born Cambridge grad, is a neurologist, with a Ph.D. in brain and cognitative science from MIT. Her major professor Tomaso Poggio is a leading AI researcher in brain-technology interface at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research, a core asset in Obama’s BRAIN Initiative (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies), basically MK-ULTRA merged with Trans-humanism.

MIT’s trans-human research received massive funding from Jeffrey Epstein, the protege of Sir Evelyn’s American wife Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, whose smug mug appears in our “info-graphic” with her scientific adviser Professor Ridley. For those unfamiliar with the Lady of Illumination, Forester’s the governess of Hillary Clinton at her salon at Martha’s Vineyard. Ridley’s missus Anya Hurlbert is current director of the Center for Translational Neuroscience funded by the Wellcome Trust, founder Henry Wellcome being the oldest name in biological warfare in the infamous typhoid experiment on captive civilians during the second Boer War, in league with Henry Rothschild aka Lord Pirbright. Out of yesteryear’s evil roots ripen such poisonous fruits

Eugenics File Cabinet

The Viscount’s own professorship and honorary doctorate came with a 2006 appointment at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) in Long Island as a documentarian of biotechnology. That was a decade after his interview there with James Watson, co-discoverer and theorist of the double-helix structure of DNA, of “Watson and Crick” fame. Now let’s get back to Watson and Holmes.

The venerable CSHL on the island’s north shore got its start in 1903 as the Carnegie Station for Experimental Evolution, which included a repository called the Eugenics Record Office, a fine-tuned instrument to track high-tone Negroes trying to pass as white and monitoring inherited insanity in immigrants from Eastern Europe. Its detailed data-collection methods inspired the Nazi-era Reichstag to adopt the Cold Spring model of the Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring in 1933, which authorized the state to order forced abortion of undesirables and termination of birthers. The Lesson is: Remember always, the fascist insects are not somewhere “over there” but right here in New York, Washington, Chicago, LA and on your local campus, most of them being of the neoliberal persuasion nowadays.

An Optimistic Global Cull

When not pontificating to the London elite and eager university students, the Viscount is busily engaged in planning the global cull by those Knights of the British Empire Bill and Lady Melinda Gates and Sir Mike Bloomberg, patron saint of Johns Hopkins, another center for castration and ovarian surgery by noninvasive means such as COVID-19, which targets the testicles for destruction, now in vivo field trials on American and continental European NATO soldiers along with China’s PLA troops. SARS-COV1 and current edition SARS-COV2 (COVID-19) were created by the global ethnic cleansers from the UK, Japan and Israel (and please do not ignore what confinement and coronavirus are doing to Palestinians at this moment).

It matters not a whit to me whether someone opposes or supports the covert biowar program so long as we admit its existence instead of denying a global genocide in our time. I am not in bondage or service to population control or religious objection to mass murder and any other theoretical constructs but solely in search of the facts. My purpose is to rip down dishonesty so that everyone can see and admit, instead of taking the usual cop-out of “Oh, we’re victims who never saw it coming.” Denial is unacceptable. Everyone, casualties, perpetrators, bystanders and dodgers, must face up to the existence of a program. With that recognition, do what you must, and let’s alwasy remain clear about your role in this for the remainder of your life. Hypocrisy of any sort is disallowed.

Knight and Viscount, Gates and Ridley

Bill Gates, after decades of experience with faulty vaccines that failed to deplete the population of South Asia and Africa, got into a pessimistic funk due to an uphill battle against the human sexual urge. The Wall Street Journal in November 2010 published a lengthy exchange between the Viscount and Gates on topics discussed in Ridley’s book “The Rational Optimist”. Gates said that “What Mr. Ridley fails to see is that worrying about the worst case, or being pessimistic, to a degree, can actually help to drive a solution”. The worst case, in Gates’s case, is the failure to kill a million people a week with vaccines. That’s an admission of guilt, overcoming prospects of failure to achieve the solution.

The Viscount responded, “I am certainly not saying, ‘Don’t worry, be happy.’ Rather, I’m saying, ‘Don’t despair, be ambitious.'” So in that spirit of “Just give it another try, lads!”, COVID-19 is achieving a bumper crop of 100,000 human lives and counting. So there you have it, British dogged determination pips clever American ingenuity.

Batting the Devil’s Number

In cricket, batting 87, which is 13 runs short of a century, the hundred mark, is a jinx. As the bowler, pitcher, I’m holding back a wide grin because, Viscount, you’ve come up wee short of a win. My side looks to have the edge.

The Wuhan bat conjecture is a theory, an alibi actually, that boils down to one question: Can you trust Matt Ridley? It seems reputable media groups like the Falun Gong cult’s Epoch Times, ZeroHedge, the London tabloids and Wall Street Journal have bought into his blame-game against that Chinese lab hook, line and sinker. (Sorry, chaps, about mixing up my sports, but for me casting a ball or a lure is the same game of how to outwit a dodgy target.)

The Chinese were never in the same league of either an American special-ops commander or your average Brit military intel officer. The coddled Beijing leadership is guilty of badly screwing up the response to the Wuhan outbreak with innumerable cover-ups, which opened themselves to blame. Still, a self-inflicted bioweapons attack against their showcase international military games is so absurd a suggestion as to be immediately discounted and Beijing struck off the suspect list. Half the problem is that their military intelligence and political spooks are so stiff-necked and self-protective that they dare not admit their counterintelligence failures and security lapses.

On a higher plane, the Wuhan debacle exposed Beijing’s smug reliance on technology-based surveillance rather than joint preplanning of human intelligence with other CISM members, which have immensely more first-hand experience at counter-terrorism in theaters such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India on down the list. Humility demonstrated by a willingness to learn is a sign of wisdom, whereas haughty evasion of others’ advice is the attitude of a short-sighted arrogant fool. The Chinese spies are boys pretending to be men, a fact that all the propaganda in China cannot cloak. If anything their denials have been a primary obstacle to a serious investigation as to the identities of the actual perpetrators of the Wuhan massacres. The Americans have good cause to be frustrated and more than a tad angry. Be patient and don’t waste energy, prepare to go it alone.

Real-world bio-terrorism by undeclared assailants is what prompted the State Department visit to the National Virology Laboratory after the first early whiff that something adverse happened at the CISM games. The only concern that came out of that visit to the NIH-funded lab was the faint possibility of escape of a horseshoe bat, an insect eater, from far-away Yunnan, just one option on the list, although highly unlikely to fell hundreds of CISM participants. There were no indicators of bio-weapons research found at the Virology center, much less weaponization and mass production.

The utter absence of investigative professionalism and a forthright attitude of security cooperation from China has left the attic window wide open for the Viscount’s character-assassination offensive by sock-puppet Lancet, Nature and the London tabloids along with the stay-behind Russiagate team in New York and Washington D.C. The Chinese leadership have made themselves look guilty, which does not help to apprehend the perpetrators. Get your priorities right or pack your bags to let someone more competent do the job.

Piles of Guano

So what are my prime objections to the Viscount’s Wuhan Lab disinfo? First, his crusade to eliminate insect-devouring Microbats, scary looking creatures with weird noses, would certainly be a boon for pesticide producers like Dow, Bayer-Monsanto, Syngenta-ChinaChem, Israeli Makhteshim Agan and Sumitomo Chemicals, to the benefit of his masters of Frankfurt origin who took over the IG Farben chemical works right after World War II.

That nexus of poisonous greed puts me in defense of die Fledermaus, the flittermouse aka the insect-eating bat. Microbats are nature’s most efficient method of suppressing mosquitoes, gnats and other flying blood-feeders that transfer diseases to humans, farm animals and wildlife. Insect-borne diseases include malaria, dengue fever, encephalitis, Zika, yellow fever, tularemia, Chikungunya, and fiariasis, that kill well more than 1 million people in a slow year and many more on a bad one.

A bat eats on average 10 times its weight per night, at a rate of more than 1,000 annoying insects per hour, thanks to its radar-guidance and maneuverability that far surpasses any aircraft or drone. A rough tally is about 4 million insects consumed a year per bat, which over an average lifetime of 30 years, adds up to 120 million bugs eliminated without you spending a single penny for pest-removal. Their feeding activity protects the food supply, especially of fruit, milk and meat, preventing chronic shortages we’re now experiencing at markets. Bats keep us from the brink of starvation.

Should we kill off bats or protect them in response to the false alarm from the Brit bio-warriors? This is not to say that viruses carried by mosquitoes are entirely bad, because their viral infections are the prime driver of genetic mutation in the evolution of species, without which cognitive apes could never have arisen from the primeval mud. It’s all the balance of nature.

Other benefits of bats

Westerners tend to want the best of all sanitized worlds without the downside risk, which is a medieval attitude, your own nice castle and to hell with the rest of the world. Bats in European culture are symbols of witchcraft and vampirism, satanic blood-sucking monsters. Asians by contrast view the bat as an freaky friend best left to his own devices, sweeping the sky clear of blood-feeding insects. In contrast to Europeans, the Chinese view bats as a supremely artistic creature, a master of flight with mysterious powers, bringing good fortune to a household. Thus bats appear in murals at the Mogao grottoes, in brush paintings and as kites aloft on the wind. Beauty in not so much in its bizarre appearance but in its phenomenal dance movements, unmatched even by birds and done in the darkness of twilight.

Get over the bat soup, which has been a phobia among Westerners who 30 years ago could not handle the thought of eating raw fish but now are willing pay a hundred dollars for an artful dinner of sushi. Bats are cooked for hours, so there’s no risk of disease transmission, and the reason for dining on a bat is their powerful immune system. It’s rate of consumption of insects laced with bacteria and virus indicates powerful immunity, and some of those active biochemical compounds can ward off infections. Since bats multiply exponentially, the ecosystem can tolerate a harvest, since one bat will do per season at the most for those who partake for medicinal purposes. Or would rather have a vaccine?

Another complaint from the West being exploited by the same people who launch biowarfare attacks against the worldwide population is the self-righteous complaint about wet markets in China. Well, I hate to break bad news but meat does not grow inside plastic wrap. All over the world, even in parts of Europe and certainly among hunters, animals are gutted, skinned and butchered. It’s not barbaric because the alternative of burying carcasses would bring on hordes of horrendous infectious microorganisms and all sorts of worm infestations. The Asians created veganism but that doesn’t mean ordinary hard-working people with physical work to perform should not have sufficient protein in their diet.

An anorexic fashion model does not have any moral superiority to decide the diet of a miner or dirt farmer. If you want to be squeamish, enjoy your muesli and don’t travel aboard to parts unknown. When I trek with a backpack to the far reaches of the planet I don’t complain about what’s for dinner but thank my hosts or the cook for their splendid effort and hospitality, even if the local customary diet seems awful weird. Invariably however strange the taste and texture, dinner gets me through to the next day or longer. So don’t exploit cultural values to try to implicate another country for the mass murder that was committed by your own institutions.

Time required for bio-engineering

Second objection, the Ridley Theory of bat origin of COVID-19 is fundamentally flawed in terms of the amount of time required for inter-species development of a variant of a highly contagious virus. The vilified National Institute of Virology in Wuhan has been operating less than 3 years since completion of construction, much too short a time-frame for bioweapons development. For a virus to undergo two transitions from its resident host bat, that is, to an intermediate mammal species with genetic similarities with humans and then into patient zero, with a fully adapted RNA structure capable of rapid replication and defense mechanism in an unfamiliar human immune system would take decades of trial-and-error mutations.

The human body is a complex system, especially due to our omnivorous ancestry and social tendency, with a high degree of disease resistance as compared with nearly all other life-forms. Therefore designing, testing and perfecting an effective bioweapon that can kill tens of thousands of humans worldwide is a steep challenge. Ridley has studied biology and knows this fact, yet still tries to pull off know-nothing arguments to deceive ignorant readers.

Hop, skip, jump

Since Dr. Montagnier’s confirmation of genetic engineering definitively moots the Wuhan lab theory, let me summarize quickly the hop, skip and jump required of wildlife to human transition. The RNA of the horseshoe bat is less than 87 percent similar to SARS-COV2 (COVID-19), meaning a 13 percent difference has to be bridged, not an easy proposition, especially since bats emerged 300 million years ago, whereas the human species have been around for a mere 3 million years. Cross-infection is not just about DNA sequences but also biological differentiation. Code does not a human make, otherwise we’d all be married to sex robots. Microbiologists can be nerds staring at their navels instead of wrestling with all the contortions of living biology.

In addition to gene sequences, many of the protein structures require massive alteration, a redesign process that takes many generations of replication in each of the two host species, those candidates being the Mustelidae family of ferrets, civets, weasels and badgers, before the final hurdle of a leap into Hominids, us.

A single bite of a bat on a human finger won’t trigger a mass contagion, but will be limited to a fever and maybe death for the individual, but not sweeping RNA reassembly in hosts as required for a pandemic spread by aerosol transmission. In addition, there are a lot of steps involved that can easily go wrong, resulting in incompatible or faulty RNA variants, which cannot carry the conversion process over to the next stage. That’s what accounts for the presence of HIV and m.TB inserts in the bio-engineered SAR coronavirus of the Hong Kong 2002-03 outbreak, those added components enabling “brute force” short-cuts, which is not possible with a naturally mutated variant. Indeed, exponential replication cannot last for long with these added-on structures, and so the COVID-19 pandemic will soon crash to a halt. Remember this point.

Even under the best of conditions, gene-modification of this sort requires a vast amount of research by experienced microbiologists with wide knowledge, such as Yoshihiro Kawaoda of universities of Wisconsin, Hokkaido and Tokyo, and Frank Plummer of NML, a hub for several research departments of Canadian campuses. Therefore, Matt Ridley has been spouting nonsense over the past 20 years about the threat from bats in a cover-up of the bio-engineering of West African Ebola and now the Wisconsin-Winnipeg coronavirus, which should be re designated as SARS-W2COV.

“If knowledge is power then God I am” – E. Nigma (Jim Carrey, Batman Forever)

Below are some excerpts from the Viscount’s mad ravings. Adam Smith or Joseph Lister, he’s not, but more of an Edward E. Enigma, the lunatic researcher in Bruce Wayne’s lab obsessed with outsmarting Batman. The evil smirk and crazed eyes has startling resemblance to Jim Carrey’s Riddler in “Batman Forever”. Ridley even has the red hair of that villain and maniacal cackle. It must be in the genes of the Ridley-Riddler clan.

Obsessive is probably the best way to describe Ridley, whose fixation on bats as the source of all fearsome pandemics arose at his Bagdon manor in Northumberland, where the creepy fliers are notorious for stain damage to bronze statues with their urine. His bipolar mood swings wildly between passivity and rage toward flittering creatures of the dusk, especially since those farmers’ little helpers have become redundant with advances in more toxic pesticides, which more farmers and gardeners should be purchasing to boost the Rothschild’s favored investment vehicle, the chemical industry.

In a confession about his irrational fear of bats, Ridley admitted in a Times commentary, “Having terrified myself with such thoughts, I can also reassure myself by reciting the numbers that are going in the right direction and that suggests the ground war is still winnable.” The war on bats.

“The theory is right that the plague recorded by Thucydides in 430 BC, which supposedly came down the Nile from Africa, was Ebola. Lassa (from rodents) and Marburg (from bats) flare up from time to time in Africa, and hanta (also rodents) killed 121 soldiers during the Korean war.” His excitement was palpable in the horrendous sentence structure, rushed out no doubt after a few snifters of Speyside whiskey.

Here, the Viscount unwittingly fell into his own Thucydides Trap, with admission of 121 British-Commonwealth deaths caused by CIA-Unit 731 secret program to spread the Hantan River virus, which also killed the more than 3,000 UN force casualties, the majority of them American GIs.

In my Ebola series during the West African contagion, posted at reliable, I showed the origins of Ebola at the Rockefeller Institute lab in Entebbe, Uganda, and its bioengineering at four research centers in Canada (the same NML as in the COV scandal), Germany, France and England. Francis Boyle later uncovered research by Tulane and in Galveston, adding depth to the question of biowarfare. (Professor Boyle, due to our different educations, focuses on the USA, whereas I handle the rest of the world., which is a great synergy since each in itself is a vast terrain of skulduggery). Ebola was a complicated story involving a fake oral vaccine campaign by UNICEF and a international auction of the world’s largest untapped iron ore site, all of the details in my series from 2004.

“Riddle me this, what sort of man has bats on the brain?” – Edward E. Nigma (Jim Carrey)

His phobic reaction to bats goes back to the turn of the millennium. Most people back then suffered fear of the Y2K bug, but the Viscount fixated on bat-versus-man combat, as he recalls “I’m no Nostradamus, but 20 years ago when I was commissioned to write a short book about disease in the new millennium, I predicted that if a new pandemic did happen it would be a virus, not a bacterium or animal parasite, and that we would catch it from a wild animal. ‘My money is on bats,’ I wrote. We now know that the natural host and reservoir of the new coronavirus, Covid-19, is a bat, and that the virus probably got into people via a live-animal market in Wuhan.”

His money is on bats, relish that as you would a sip of 1945 vintage “Victory” Mouton Rothschild, with assurances that Vichy and the Nazis kept up their Jewish partner’s estate during the war years, much as their gardener Boris is now back to tending their gardens after a touch of flu. What an innovative investment strategy, bats as the best bet. Right there, confession of Operation Wuhan.

Self-fulfilling prophecy or geopolitical agenda at work? Nostradamus was honest, at least, about his worst fears. “Bracken Cave, in Texas, is home to roughly 20 million breeding Mexican free-tailed bats, similar to the (human) population of the Mexico City urban area. In places there are 500 bat pups per square foot on the wall.” This pseudo-science is the call of a madman for extinction of a species that is man’s best friend. When was the last time your dog went outdoors to hunt mosquitoes whenever it wasn’t bringing fleas into the house? Bats prevent contagious diseases and rarely if ever cause an infection, only in cases of humans being dumb enough to swat at them. Self-defense is a legitimate plea, right? BTW, watch out, Texans, you could be the next Wuhan, the alibi is ready.

“We had fair warning with Ebola, Hendra, Nipah, MERS and SARS, and the Yunnan cave discovery in 2013 should have sounded a loud alarm,” Ridley warned, “Even when this pandemic is over, others are possible. Bats live for up to 30 years and don’t seem to suffer much in the way of symptoms from coronaviruses, so bat number RaTG13 may well still be alive.” This maniac loves to fear a contagion so long as a bat can take the blame.

The Viscount wrote that bit of nonsense for the Spectator, falsely accusing the Wuhan virology lab, setting off alarms in the MI-6 controlled London press. The devil’s in the details, disclosing the role of the microbiologists with the British lodge of Freemasonry that dominates the faculty of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and its microbiology department, who once foolishly presumed that I was a brother of secret knowledge in one of the Illuminist Lodges. It’s all in the grip.

Bats and Sulfur

The irrational fear of bats goes back to the more intolerant among unwashed early Christian monks in their diatribes against their main rivals, the Gnostics who carried on the ancient practice of grape growers welcoming bats as protectors of the vineyard. Bat images, as seen at the Dunhuang grottoes at the western end of the Gobi, were the symbol of sulfur, another means to protect the grape harvest, specifically against fungi. Their horror at the relationship of bats and sulfur to wine, the sacred symbol of the blood of Christ, began the anti-scientific obscurantism that would condemn Europe to the Dark Age. It was the alchemists who practiced early science who ushered in the Renaissance, the beginning of the scientific age.

Fear-driven institutionalized ignorance has been revived by Matthew Ridleys’s opposition to natural agriculture and propaganda in favor of genetic modification through better biotechnology and organophosphate pesticides. A Darwinist atheist like Ridley has no comprehension that Jesus was a healer who used herbal-infused wine as his main therapy against diseases and chronic disorders, a craft treasure with miraculous properties as every Italian paesano understands still to this day.

Where does this Rothschild minion derive his dread of bats? From Isaiah 2:20. “On that day of salvation men will cast away to the moles and the bats their idols of silver and their idol of gold, which they made for themselves to worship.” In other words, the meek shall inherit the Earth, while the moles will return the silver to the depths and bats will take the gold back up into the mountains, so that we can live contentedly under the sun and rainfall. That’s a prediction dreaded by the Rothschilds and their crooked bankster viscount.

“Bats aren’t Rodents, Dr. Meridian.” – Edward E.Enigma

“In Shitou Cave, south of Kunming, the capital of Yunnan, they found viruses in the bats’ droppings and anal swabs that were more similar to human SARS than anything found in palm civets, the small mammals that until then were presumed to be the source of human infection. Back in the laboratory, they found that one of the viruses from bat droppings, called WIV1, could thrive in monkey and human cells specially engineered to activate the gene for ACE2 receptors, the lock to which a coronavirus’s spike protein can fit as a key. This suggested that people could catch SARS directly from a bat dropping.”

Sorry to burst your bubble, the Masked civet DNA, one of the Mustelidae family, is 99 percent similar to the genome of humans, whereas the horseshoe bat is less than 89 percent, a world away and millions of years apart from us simians, as you can see in our absence of wings. The far-fetched speculation about bat origins is not scientific theory, it’s disinformation for propaganda purposes from that cabal of freemasonry in Hong Kong.

“China’s Institute of Virology, a high-security laboratory where human cells were being experimentally infected with bat viruses, happens to be in Wuhan, the origin of today’s pandemic. At the time of the opening, critics did raise the fact that Sars had escaped from high-level containment facilities in Beijing.”

Critics? For instance, the Beijing reporter for the Lancet? UK embassy staffers? OK, so if a tropical horse-shoe bat escaped its cage in Beijing and flew a distance of 1,055 km (655 miles) over rugged mountains and arid plains in the middle of winter to Wuhan, I dare you to walk that distance under those same conditions, Viscount. But I do hope you try.

Enough guano, get real

I’ve walked among bats for most of my lengthy life from the Baja desert to the Sahara and Gobi, in the jungles of Southeast Asia and Indian Subcontinent, at Buddhist temples in Japan and Christian churches in France and caves in northern Thailand, but never got bit once by a vampire, because that happens to people stupid enough to grab one. The insect-eating microbat, Ridley’s scapegoat for the bio-engineered HIV-TB coronavirus cannot, based on the mathematics of exponential multiplication of an outbreak, possibly be the cause of the present pandemic. Now the proof’s in from Montagnier, and I have been vindicated whereas your corps of hack writers, Viscount, live in shame.

“Patrick Woo and colleagues at Hong Kong University surveyed the coronaviruses found in bats and came to a prescient conclusion: “Bat–animal and bat–human interactions, such as the presence of live bats in wildlife wet markets and restaurants in Southern China, are important for interspecies transmission of [coronaviruses] and may lead to devastating global outbreaks.”

Yes, the same HKU that has failed to deliver the promised vaccine against SAR coronavirus that Hospitals Director Margaret Chan, a whitewashed Canadian OBE, funded 17 years ago.

For the Love of Bo

So now, with this spotlight on Matt Ridley, the coronavirus circle is closing around the House of the Red Shield, strategic headquarters of the present biological warfare campaign against four of five permanent members of the Security Council. A grudge against the PRC figures in this COV affair significantly, since the Rothschild’s had placed their bet on Bo Xilai to succeed President Hu Jintao in 2012. Bo, however, was sidelined by his self-inflicted scandal after getting Tony Blair to agree to the sale of a privatized DERA (Defense Evaluation and Research Agency) better known as “Q” in the James Bond series. The Pentagon had the temerity to butt into the conjugal relationship, and the Carlyle Group snatched the prize to prevent nuclear weapons technology and materials falling into the wrong hands.

Meanwhile, Bo’s wife Gu Kalai ordered a lethal reprisal on Neil Haywood, the go-between with the Rothschilds and the MI-6. The Rothschild’s continued to pay the bills of the Bo’s wayward son Guagua at Oxford, then Columbia and now an in-house lawyer for the Power Corporation of Canada, headquartered in Montreal, yet another Rothschild colonialist operation. The Wuhan affair indicates Guagua is slated to take over the reins from a deposed Xi Jinping, just like Mikhail Khodorkovsky was expected to replace Vladimir Putin. Another apparent target in this extended coronavirus plot was the probable assassination by virus attempt against Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The Second Boris

The first Boris, Yeltsin, was put under control of his Jewish wife Naina with an endless supply of vodka, while Boris II, Johnson aka BoJo, was put under with a bad cough from what appears to be elimination by COVID. Parliament obviously needs the wise leadership of someone similar to Zack Goldsmith, who made the fatal error of dumping his English rose for one of the Rothschild girls. There are more cards left to play, even after George Osborne, the Milibands and Teresa May have tripped on their shoelaces. BoJo had better not try to slip the leash or risk falling down a staircase, in a murder most foul. The Viscount’s ingratiating tweet of concern for Boris was a dead giveaway of the plot.

“So, what you’re saying is, this guy’s a total wacko?” – Bruce Wayne aka Batman (Val Kilmer)


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