Explosive!!! ITALYGATE: Obama and Renzi Accused of Being the Masterminds of US Election Fraud

Explosive!!! ITALYGATE: Obama and Renzi Accused of Being the Masterminds of US Election Fraud

By Cesare Sacchetti -reposted from The Eye of the Needle (translated from Italian)

The latest article previously published on this blog revealed Italy’s participation in the electoral fraud carried out against the US elections. (Read this one first)

A former CIA agent and former head of one of the intelligence agency’s stations, Bradley Johnson, explained how Italy played a decisive role in what can be defined in effect as an international coup against Donald Trump. .

The main actor of this fraud would have been Leonardo, the leading government company in the defense and aerospace technologies sector.

Now there is another person who has completely confirmed Italy’s role in all this and it is Maria Zack.

Maria Zack is the president of the “Nations in Action” association and in an audio document leaked two days ago on Twitter she explained exactly how the hacker attack would have happened.

According to Zack, the center that would have coordinated this operation would have actually been the American embassy in Rome.

This version of events completely coincides with that provided by Johnson, but the American activist provides further details that are simply fundamental.

The plan would have been coordinated by General Claudio Graziano from the second floor of the embassy in Via Veneto, assisted in turn by a former secret service agent, Stefano Serafini.

General Graziano is a figure of absolute importance in this story. Graziano has already held the position of Chief of Staff under the Renzi and Gentiloni governments and is currently president of the military committee of the European Union.

The general is a fervent supporter of the creation of a single European army and in one of his recent speeches he clearly stated that there are no realities other than the EU and NATO.

Graziano can therefore be considered to all intents and purposes a member of the so-called Euro-Atlantic bloc, which for decades was founded on the principle of military intervention by Washington in every part of the world.

It is certainly no secret that the military lobbies, to which Graziano certainly belongs, which strongly support this doctrine see Donald Trump as an absolute enemy because of his will not to violate the sovereignty of other states through armed interventions.

In any case, the senior graduate would use Leonardo’s technology to coordinate the cyber attack ahead.

As revealed by Bradley Johnson and confirmed by Maria Zack, “a Leonardo satellite was used to load software and move votes from Trump to Biden.”

At first, the plan called for the shift of votes from Trump to Biden not to take place in Rome, but rather in Frankfurt, at a CIA station that houses Dominion’s servers.

Apparently, everything was going well until the hackers in Frankfurt realized that the operation needed somehow to be recalibrated by creating new algorithms.

Trump was getting too many votes and software tweaks needed to be made to deliver the “victory” to Biden for good.

And this is where Italy comes into play. The votes would have been sent to a Leonardo military satellite to the US, and then downloaded back to Dominion’s servers.

In this regard, there would be a decisive confirmation of one of the protagonists of the operation, namely Arturo D’Elia, former consultant of Leonardo himself.

D’Elia in a sworn testimony allegedly admitted his participation in this cybercrime.

Leonardo’s former consultant actually confirmed that the votes would be moved from Trump to Biden via “a military satellite of the Fucino tower.”

D’Elia in his affidavit alleged that he acted “under the guidance and direction of American citizens stationed at the American embassy in Rome.”

Currently, Arturo D’Elia is under arrest and is accused of other computer crimes committed against Leonardo himself.

Either way, it seems rather unlikely that all of this could have taken place without the American ambassador to Rome, Lewis Eisenberg, knowing what was going on in his own embassy.

Eisenberg was named by Trump in 2017 and was also one of the contributors to the president’s first campaign, but, at the same time, he is also very close to those neo-Zionist lobbies that are fiercely opposed to Trump’s military disengagement plan.

The political plan of the operation: Renzi and Obama

What has been described so far is the military and intelligence level of the cyber attack carried out by infidels and subversive elements of Italian and American institutions, but what Maria Zack later reveals is, if possible, even more sensational.

The political minds of the plan would have been Barack Obama, former US president, aided by his Italian “counterpart”, Matteo Renzi, former Italian prime minister from 2014 to 2016.

The president of “Nations in Action” argues that what happened was really “a brilliant plan orchestrated by Obama with the help of Renzi.”

At this point, the relationship between Renzi and Obama appears simply to be fundamental to understanding both the first coup attempt against Trump, the Spygate, and the second attempt underway against the American president, namely electoral fraud.

The latest declassification of the CIA documents confirmed that Barack Obama was already fully aware in September 2016 of the attempt to frame the then Republican candidate Trump.

Former CIA director John Brennan had already informed President Obama at the time that Hillary Clinton was working to fabricate a fake scandal to portray Trump as a “Russian puppet.”

American institutions, such as the FBI and intelligence agencies, played a decisive role in this operation because they effectively authorized illegal spying against Trump.

It is therefore not rash to argue that President Obama, as then commander in chief of the US and of the intelligence network itself, can be considered the mastermind of this plot against Trump.

At the same time, Spygate would not have been possible without Italy. When Obama decided to start the illegal espionage operation, he would have asked the then Prime Minister Renzi for help.

The timing at this point becomes fundamental. A month after the meeting between Obama and Brennan, Matteo Renzi arrives at the White House on an official visit to participate in the plan.

The former prime minister would have agreed to involve the secret services in spying against Trump.

The services in turn would have given birth to an elaborate plan to frame Giulio Occhionero, a nuclear engineer, who was involved in an attempt to approach Trump in the Kremlin.

In other words, Italian intelligence allegedly tried to put Clinton’s emails on the servers of Occhionero’s American company, Westlands Securities Inc.

Apparently, Occhionero would have been chosen because he is close to the conservative American circles that supported Trump’s campaign.

Globalism used the Italian deep state against Trump

However, the most surprising thing that links this scandal with election fraud is the relationship between Obama and Renzi.

Even after the two left their respective posts, they would continue to work together to bring about what can be called a permanent coup against Trump.

There is therefore a sort of red thread that links Spygate to American electoral fraud and this red thread is the axis between the Italian and American institutional subversive apparatuses, represented in this case by Obama and Renzi.

Once this subversive plan would be triggered in 2016 with the spygate it would never stop until November 2020, when the Italian and American deep states would carry out the election fraud in the United States.

In other words, globalism has certainly used members of the American Democratic Party like Obama to coordinate the operation, but even more decisive would have been the power apparatus that responds to globalism heavily infiltrated in Italian institutions.

The current prime minister, Conte, would have been perfectly aware because, says Zack, “he is very busy and involved” in all of this.

And if this version were to be confirmed, it would be difficult to think otherwise.

In fact, Leonardo is a government company where 30% of the shares are in the hands of the Ministry of Economy, currently chaired by Roberto Gualtieri.

The current CEO of Leonardo, Alessandro Profumo, was appointed to his current role by Conte in April last year which confirmed the choice of his predecessor, Gentiloni, a former prime minister in 2017 and apparently involved in Spygate himself.

According to Zack, the black funds to finance everything would have been made available by Iran which would have transferred 400 million dollars to Obama to carry out the operation.

This version partially confirms the role played by Obama from 2017 onwards. The former US president allegedly headed an organization in Washington that could be considered a kind of shadow government set up to overthrow the Trump presidency.

According to other sources, Obama’s financiers were NGOs close to Soros.

The former US president, however, would have been essential to coordinate the plan and Italy would have made available its technology and its government members to carry out this coup.

The story of the US election fraud is therefore nothing more than that of an international coup conceived by the deep state of Washington and carried out through the participation of various countries and governments firmly in the hands of the globalist clan, including Canada, Germany, China, Spain and Italy.

Globalism, therefore, would have used all these executives who are carrying out the agenda of the New World Order to overthrow Trump.

The relationship between Salvini and Renzi

Meanwhile, in Italy the media continue to remain silent on the spygate and Conte’s involvement in this scandal.

The leader of the so-called “opposition”, Salvini, is not denouncing either of them.

After the fall of his government, Salvini formed a sort of axis with Renzi to pave the way for another technocratic government led in all probability by Mario Draghi.

The system in Italy has kept silent about these scandals because they involve both the majority and the opposition.

However, one fact is certain. Italy is essential to understand what happened in the American electoral fraud.

If we want to find the key to this elaborate international coup, we must necessarily look to Rome.


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