Evil Has a Plan That is Destined to Fail

Evil Has a Plan That is Destined to Fail

Patriots, this is a link to Hillary’s 30,000 deleted emails released by Secretary Mike Pompeo: https://foia.state.gov/Search/Results.aspx?collection=Clinton_Email

The white hats are in complete command. Soon, limited Martial law will be invoked in all swing states.

Patriots hold, do not meet the enemy in the streets. Protect home and family. Make popcorn, and search the above database. Add other search terms. Be a detective.

One week after these emails were released, I discovered an email dated 9-10-2012. It was a press release on the attack on our Mission in Benghazi. It mentions the death of an American. The problem though, is that the Benghazi attack attack occurred on 9-11-2012. How did they know Ambassador Stevens would be killed? Why were American rescue teams told to stand down?

Ambassador Stevens was a CIA agent working for Hillary at the State Department, supplying Libyan rebels with Manpads, (shoulder launched rockets) without congressional approval. A shipment of these rockets fell into the hands of Syrian rebels, (ISIS) and one was used to shoot down Extortion 17, the Chinook helicopter carrying Seal team six.

What is the 17th Letter of the alphabet?

No joke. In 2013 Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, co-authored a separate addendum to the House Benghazi Committee report that was more critical of the Obama administration. The “additional views” argued that the administration misled the public about the events in Benghazi, that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to lead in providing adequate security for the U.S. embassy, and that “America did not move heaven and earth to rescue our people.”

At a press conference Tuesday, Pompeo said he believed in his heart that Clinton’s actions were “morally reprehensible” – a view not endorsed by the committee or its chairman. – Phillip Brownlee. Here is that report: https://www.politico.com/f/?id=00000155-96af-de46-abdf-feafdf930002

There is so much more to tell. We are in this election battle for our Liberty because of Hillary’s fuck up. Both her and Obama have been trying to cover their tracks ever since.

But Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were just following orders. You see, they are nothing but mid-level bosses who follow orders from the top of the greatest organized crime syndicate in the world. Nothing we know in our world today, is what it appears.

God Bless President Trump, and all American Patriots!

Lastly, the vast majority (90% +) of publicly traded companies in the world today, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, Boeing, Apple, Hearst, etc, are owned and controlled by funds such as State Street, Blackrock, Vanguard, Fidelity (there are hundreds of these funds). Ask yourselves a simple question; who owns the controlling interest in each of these funds? What is the Great Reset? Who is behind the Great Reset? What are the goals of the Great Reset? And why did China partner with those behind the Great Reset? And… who controls Solar Winds?


Liberty will be lost for 100 years if President Trump is not re-elected. When you answer the questions I just posed, you will realize Evil has a face, a name, as well as a plan to depopulate the earth for themselves and the other “chosen ones.” But mark my word: Evil is destined to fail. It will be BIBLICAL.




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