Democrats and Their Allies, Foreign and Domestic, Declared War Against America on Nov 3, 2020 Part One

Democrats and Their Allies, Foreign and Domestic, Declared War Against America on Nov 3, 2020 Part One

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Yes, stealing an election is a declaration of WAR. It doesn’t take much reasoning and connecting the (Communist) dots to come to that obvious conclusion. On November 3, 2020, Democrats declared war against the the United States of America, and against their fellow Americans whose votes they stole in order to take over our country.

Of course, they became hostile and started acting as domestic enemies way before then, but on Election Day, they made it official. They forced our hand to FIGHT.

Now We Must Fight or Lose Our Republic For Good

But let’s all just hold hands and get past all the negative stuff, and heal together, because we all ARE Americans, right?

Let me get this straight: psychopathic and hostile AGGRESSORS who sold our great country to foreign enemies, and declared WAR against us on Nov 3, are now telling us they want unity and healing? After all they have put us through the last 4 years, culminating with actually stealing our election, I can’t help but think, this is like a rapist telling their victim they want to let bygones be bygones. “Come on, man, let’s be friends. We can put aside our differences.”

This is gaslighting, psychological warfare and horrible abuse – by the most inhumane political bullies America has ever ever seen: DEMOCRATS (and ALL their complicit allies).

Traitors in the GOP, telling us that our President and all of us should just roll over and accept this election coup, because of election deadlines, are complicit. WE SEE YOU, TAKE HEED!

Treason is one of the most serious crimes an American citizen can commit. It’s punishable by death or life in prison. And the treason the Democrats and their allies are attempting to get away with is nothing short of an all out, no holds bar, hostile coup of our entire government from top to bottom. This is the biggest act of treason ever attempted in our country before!

These criminals will destroy our Republic if they are not stopped. Unity and healing is the last thing they want or deserve. What they want is for us to surrender; that is always what the aggressors in war demand. Again, they declared war on Election Day, and now they want us to surrender, or else.

What they deserve is Justice. All domestic and foreign enemies must be stopped, and punished to the fullest extent of the law. I believe we must have a re-vote, but not before all the traitors have their right to run for public office removed forever. They can’t be on a ballot if they are behind bars.

This is the only way forward for Americans who love this Republic and will defend it any cost.

Justice must prevail. We will take nothing less!

Read Part Two Here


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