Corey Booker is Introducing South African Style Land Confiscation Bill to Give Land To “Black Farmers”

Corey Booker is Introducing South African Style Land Confiscation Bill to Give Land To “Black Farmers”

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Will South African style land transfer legislation be coming to the United States?

An American nationalist by the name of Michael Lewis reached out to the Red Elephants to raise awareness about legislation being introduced by U.S. Senator Cory Booker that would set up a race-based land grant system inside of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. On November 19, 2020 Booker released a statement about the bill titled The Justice for Black Farmers Act that plans to establish The Equitable Land Access Service system. This land redistribution system would be led by an Under Secretary of Agriculture for Equitable Land Access.

The bill will be formerly introduced in the U.S. Senate on November 30th and features co-sponsors such as Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand. Lewis told Red Elephants that “the goals of Booker’s legislation aren’t all that dissimilar from those of the land expropriation acts enacted by South Africa’s ruling ANC government that have accelerated the wanton murder and genocide of white farmers and their families.” South Africa has been one of the most notable countries on the planet that has seen its government use institutionalized racism against its White citizens. Additionally, the South Africa governments has turned a blind eye to the systematic killings of Boer farmers by black terrorists over the last decade since Apartheid ended.

America’s White electorate has been declining precipitously in the last 60 years thanks to mass migration — legal and illegal. According to Pew Research, the White electorate went from 76 percent in 2000 to 67 percent in 2018. As a result, the political power of Whites in America has gradually decreased and the Left has capitalized on this by pushing for radical open borders policies and reparations for blacks. Both legislative ideas would have been unheard of in previous decades when America had a solid White majority. The “Justice for Black Farmers Act” embodies this trend of White decline, with the Left operating on the premise that White America should be bludgeoned into submission.

Lewis observed that “Demands for land confiscation in post-apartheid South Africa and demands for racial reparations for the accused crimes of the historic American nation in the post-white America envisioned by our hostile political class are cut from the same cloth.” In the view of these leftist radicals, any type of beef with White people justifies race-based redistribution of the land and resources that productive Whites have managed for decades.

According to the bill’s language, the Under Secretary’s office would be appointed by the President and would be allowed to “(1) purchase from willing sellers, at a price not greater than fair market value, available agricultural land in the United States; and (2) subject to section 205, convey grants of that land to eligible Black individuals at no cost to the eligible Black individuals.”

This is a land redistribution scheme, plan and simple. A federal agency would be tasked with purchasing billions of dollars in private land annually on the American taxpayer’s dime. And to add insult to injury, that land would then be given exclusively to people based on their race.

I’m proud to team up with @ewarren and @SenGillibrand to introduce the Justice for Black Farmers Act.

We need to balance the scales after decades of systemic racism within @USDA have harmed Black farmers.

— Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) November 24, 2020

Millions of acres would be redistributed under this plan. The Equitable Land Access Service must dole out at least 20,000 land grants annually to eligible Black individuals and entities helping any number of eligible Black individuals in identifying and claiming the free land they’re supposed to be entitled to. Up to 160 acres per grant could be redistributed under this plan. After crunching the numbers, 32 million acres of land would be redistributed to Black applicants if the maximum 160-acre allotment for land grants is given out in at least 20,000 grants annually during the span of ten years. This total represents 1.6 percent of all land in the continental United States.

In a tweet thread, Cory Booker’s chief of staff Matt Klapper made his case for this radical redistribution plan. He cited “institutional racism” as the principal reason for why blacks are participating less in farming during the past century. Lewis told Red Elephants that this assertion has no basis in reality.

These land grants will help *hundreds of thousands* of Black people become farmers in the next decade, and these new Black farmers will be provided access to USDA operating loans and mortgages on favorable terms.

— Matt Klapper (@mattklapper) November 19, 2020

This is completely out of touch with reality. The number of farms and the number of toal farmers have dramatically declined in the past 80 years, despite the US population nearly tripling since then. The share of the American workforce involved in agriculture has steadily declined since the Industrial Revolution, more than 180 years ago.

Under this legislation,  an office inside the USDA would be set up to facilitate the mass robbery of productive American’s resources. The federal government will use American’s hard-earned money to buy land and dole it out to other people simply because they claim to be “oppressed.” Like all government programs, the Equitable Land Access Service will grow even bigger and subsequently be used in a draconian manner to screw over Whites.

No self-respecting Republican elected official should ever consider voting for this legislation or even propose a Republican alternative to what amounts to a forceful redistribution of White American’s resources. If there is anything worth conserving, it is the fruits of the hard labor multiple generations of White Americans have sowed. Allowing the Left to destroy legacy Americans’ labor would mark the beginning of the end of the American experiment.


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