Cardi B. Crashes Beverly Hills Freedom Rally

Cardi B. Crashes Beverly Hills Freedom Rally

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Unfortunately, this excitement also drew out the uneducated commie rats like Cardi B and her lame rapper on-and-off-again husband Offset. Perhaps that dial needs to remain off? At any rate, TMZ per usual was the first to report for the mainstream media after catching Offset and David Zepol, a fellow Trump goer, livestream the incident while Offset was being detained by police. 

Offset was quickly ripped out of his car by two brave police officers, one female and one male, who could care less about who Offset “thinks” he is. After acting like a smug spoiled brat while livestreaming, Offset claimed that 25,000 fans were watching him live and the police didn’t flinch. Got to love the Beverly Hills Police Department. This rude, disrespectful, false idol told the police that Trump supporters followed him because he is famous and that he wouldn’t obey the police directions because BHPD had guns drawn on him. 

Ironically, just minutes prior, Cardi B was streaming live, trolling the Trump supporters as they drove around Beverly Hills, mocking them. Trust us Cardi B and Offset, we don’t care about you. We have cancelled Hollywood and you all will pay for your sins. Save your new money because it’s about to run out.

Offset may have waved a gun in the air and street camera footage might reveal that, but in the end, it was Cardi B’s cousin Marcelo Almanzar who was subsequently arrested taking the fall since the famous hardly ever do. Deny, deny, deny at all costs is their main PR spin talking point. This is why they hate President Trump: he is draining the corrupt deep evil swamp and they can’t control the peoples’ minds anymore. We see their evil, MK ultra programmed, Illuminati serpent symbols, who literally sold their soul to the devil. You make us literally sick.

False Idols

Almanzar has been charged with carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a loaded firearm in public. His bail was set at $38,000, just another Hermes bag for Cardi B, so no worries there. The public knows there is always a fall guy for these false idols, and yesterday it was Almanzar. Trust me, his name is in the news and now he is happy, so no sweat for him. This is the sickness of Hollywood. Please stop contributing to all this mental instability. Worshiping false idols is wrong and in the Bible. Most celebrities are low class with zero moral compasses and are the most insecure people walking this planet. 

The very first Beverly Hills Freedom Rally began three months ago with roughly 40 Trump Freedom fighting warriors and now has snowballed into thousands of freedom fighting patriots; it makes me speechless and drops a tear, because of this mindset of might to win back our state. We are flipping California RED with four more years of President Trump.

With only one week remaining to rally in Beverly Hills before the election, the love for our President has grown so large. We see the President’s actions, and how much he loves this country. We may love him, but President Trump surely loves America, and his actions have proven it.

I will say it until my last breath: stop following the fake idols and start being the hero in your own life. Do the research to find the truth. No one will help you in this life to accomplish or learn anything. That is on your persistence alone. And the truth will never roll off the tongues of the mainstream media puppet pundits. They have had you programmed and now is the time to internally review our lives and how fast we judge others without doing one bit of research. Stop being like a remote control and start using critical thinking. This advice will save your life.

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