About Us

American Patriot Contact Tracers:

From our humble beginnings, we were regular Patriotic Americans like you, who were in search of the Truth, who loved their Republic, our President, and our American way of life.

K.B. Flannery, and the Scottish Warrior discovered a fiery, burning  passion for exposing the Corruption, and motives of Democrats, the Swamp Creatures, the Globalists, the Communists, the Socialists, the Marxists, and Anarchists, including ANTIFA, and the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement, whom we believe are the TRUE ENEMY, and Existential Threat to our Great Republic!

During the Covid shut down, and subsequent Covid contact tracing occurring across Democrat States, we had had enough of these Communists attacking our President, our Republic, and our American way of life. At this moment, we became The American Patriot Contact Tracers, and created a website for fellow Patriots to share information, and identify the potential threats to our Communities, our States, our Constitution, and our Republic.

APCT provides Patriots with a platform of substantiated Information, Knowledge, and Truth, from you, the citizen journalists, the digital warriors, and our fellow American Patriot Contact Tracers. Our mantra is based on 3 key words, “WE THE PEOPLE,” promise, and swear, to protect the Constitutional Rights, and Liberty of All Americans!

Citizen Reporters are American Patriot Contact Tracers. We are Digital Warriors, in search of the truth. We believe in Law and Order, fulfilling our civic duties, and defending our country, through education, truth, and a belief in our unalienable rights.

One Nation, Under God, with Liberty and Justice for all.

-Invictus Maneo